Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

In my practice as a therapist and metaphysical teacher, I hear the same thing over and over again.  So many people are looking for love and yet they seem to have a block that does not allow this in.  I have to admit that this has been something that I have worked with in my own life too.

And the more rejection you receive the more you judge yourself, your looks, your body or your age, thinking that is the reason for not being good enough to attract that perfect partner.

But what if it goes so much deeper than this.  Take a moment to think back on your life.  Have you been betrayed, abused or rejected in the past.  This could even stem from your childhood and your relationship with your parents or siblings.  Were you judged and told that whatever you did was not good enough, or perhaps there was favoritism in the family and you were last in line.  Or… maybe you have been through trauma in your life, and have closed your heart because of this.

Now be aware of how you coped during that time.  Did you build walls around yourself to protect yourself?  I know this is something that I did very masterfully.  I ran a decorating business at the time of my divorce, and I was hectically busy and very stressed.  If I had taken a moment to really get in touch with my pain – I may have had a nervous breakdown, and then who carries the business and family responsibilities…. sooo…. everything gets pushed down and buried in order to cope.  Does this ring any bells for you too?

This often happen unconsciously so that you cannot feel the pain, however we cannot only bury pain – in the process we tend to become frozen to all emotions, building a shell around ourselves that does not let anyone in.  This includes friendships, support and kindness.

This shell has to be cracked and released before we can heal. This behaviour is linked to the colour turquoise, so if you are attracted to the colour, then this may be something for you to look at.

Once you have identified this and are ready to work at healing it, using the turquoise Light Matrix oil on your body or in the bath, is the first step to cracking the shell.

The next step would be the willingness to forgive and let go of the past.  Each time a memory comes up that is hurtful, instead of getting lost in the trauma and drama of the situation, rather find the gift in each.  Notice how that situation has put you on a different path or helped you to take a new direction in your life.  I know that for myself, my life would have been very very different if I had remained married, and I am now so grateful for this.  The colour that would support this part of the journey – is the Green Light Matrix oil.  Using it shines the light on the issues, so you can be free of them for ever.

And now a final piece of advise…  Stop dwelling and focusing on what is not working in your life.  Whatever we give attention to, is being amplified as your higher self is happy to give you more of that.   Instead put attention onto the things that you enjoy.  Every 10 seconds think of someone or something you can be grateful for.  Even if it is just the feel of the sun on your skin.  Acknowledge it and how it makes you feel and ask for more….  Here is an example:  I love the feel of the sun on my skin, it makes me feel so nurtured and happy.  Thank you thank you, how does it get better than this?  If you do this all day every day (focusing on positive things), your higher self will answer your question by attracting more things that make you feel good…. and…. how does it get better than that.

I will be focusing on the colours Green and Turquoise on the one day training on the 30th September 2017, so that we can delve into the unfinished business and heal the heart.  There are still 2 spaces open if you would like to come and play.  Click here to see more:  https://divinespace.co.za/event-calendar/  ALTERNATIVELY you ould balance yourselfe using these colours.  Click HERE for information on how Green can support you of HERE for Turquoise

And finally – If you would like to get a glimpse of what the Antaneea treatment is all about.  Please watch Real Health on the DSTV Home Channel – Channel 176 on 25th September at 6.00pm.  And I will be on again in November with a segment on the Access Bars…. how lucky am I?

Much love as always

Penni du Plessis