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Light Matrix Oils

The Light Matrix oils are 100% natural and they REFLECT colour and light –  their light energy shows a willingness to release all old baggage, so you can literally fly into a new reality.  Each colour has specific emotions linked to that colour – and, if not looked at and dealt with – these will eventually create physical disharmony – either in the body or in your life.  It is suggested that you no longer talk about the past trauma or drama that happened in your life, and begin to look for the positive lesson in each experience. They also have the added support and strength of the Infinity keys – which are like windows into each bottle, anchoring that additional information within the oil. 

All I can say is WOW!

I finally got some real time to work with your new Light Matrix oils – I only worked with the violet and the blue last night – but I felt a huge increase in vibrational energy on these ones. The violet resulted in me immediately seeing a huge amount of pale lilac – white light above my third eye area and I could feel the energy moving around and very shortly after that Jade (6 yrs old) wanted the bottle from me. (For me to see anything is a big deal) I then picked up the blue and could immediately feel the calming effect and it moved to my shoulders and throat area also pulsing around my body.

Jade also decided she wanted to sleep with your Archangel Chamuel oil and the smile on her face was enough to see how they impacted on her although she did not say anything but she could obviously feel the energy and it’s affects.

Thank you Penni – these are truly amazing oils you have created for all of us! Lots of love and plenty of gratitude



I had a session with Morag last Friday & she used the new Light Matrix oils – it was an absolutely amazing session!! While Morag was working, I was seeing flowers all the time & then everything went pure white (like a white screen) and there was ‘liquid silver’ that began pouring through the white – moving and swirling. It was wonderful! I had a pure white rose in my face close to the end & there was much releasing. Morag was told that it was an initiation……

The matrix oils are truly magical Julie

I purchased some Light Matrix oils from you a while ago and have not used them.

It’s been an emotional struggle for me for quite a while now, and I have recently been trying extra hard to get out of it.  For the past week, the oils have been on my mind, and today I started using them, and WOW!!!

Even after all this time the smell is still so strong, and the energy!!!  I almost felt like a cartoon princess with little birds chirping around my head and lifting my spirits.

Thank you Penni for bringing this support into my life