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What is Colour Therapy


Everyone has a relationship to colour, and is affected by it, as it is intimately tied to our entire lives.  As we gaze at objects around us, we first perceive the colour of an object, and then the form.  Our responses to the colours are varied, as we are attracted to some and reject others.  We use colours to describe how we are feeling all the time.  Take time to think of how we use it in our vocabulary, i.e. She has the blues today; like a red rag to a bull or being green with envy.  These sayings tell us a lot about the healing potential within the colour.

Light creates colour and form and is produced by the sun in different wavelengths.  When these light waves bounce off different objects, they create the sensation of light.  This means that everything we see is reflected light.  Low frequency light waves register in our brains as the colour red, whereas higher frequency wavelengths are perceived as the colour violet.

Because the molecular structure and pigmentation of objects vary, the light rays become mixed and absorbed, and reflect in varying speeds and intensity.  Objects that appear dark to us have absorbed more of the light rays – and therefore don’t reflect as much of the light.  Lighter objects obviously reflect more light, and seem brighter.

This means that when light is broken down, either reflected or absorbed into different wavelengths, we see it as the different shades and colours of the rainbow.

How Does Colour relate to Humans?

True healing is only complete when the initial cause of a condition or illness is addressed and transformed.  In most cases, emotional pain or trauma of some sort which is ignored, eventually manifests as a physical ailment.  This is the bodies way of forcing us to slow down and take note of what is going on in our lives. Most allopathic healing only looks at the physical imbalance.   I believe that if the root cause is not addressed, then that which brought about the need for healing in the first place will resurface and manifest itself within the body in one form or another – time and again.

How does colour therapy help this?

The use of colour therapy creates subtle energy stimuli that interacts with the energy system of the human body and helps to stabilize it on many different levels.  By providing the correct focus of energy or colour to the affected area, it begins to correct the balance.  Once balance is restored, we can more effectively rid ourselves of toxins and negative patterns that inhibit our lives.  Not only is it effective in healing but also in stimulating deeper levels of consciousness.

Which colour to choose?

There is an extensive range of products that will help you attain this balance, with options within each colour section or path

(click on the ‘COLOUR THERAPY’ section on the home page).  This is because we are all individuals and each one of us will need a different level of integration or support.  Step one is to click on a colour that attracts you – then…  either do the left brain thing – reading and analyzing each item to find which suits your needs best.  Or try to see what happens if you look at the images of the different bottles, and see which makes you tingle or gives you a YES feeling in your tummy, heart or third eye.  It is always interesting to see what comes up when we get our heads out of the way and allow us to be guided by our intuition.

Deeper level of Support

We offer one on one sessions or run courses that teach you how to do deeply inisghtful 9 bottle Colour Readings.  The client is taken through a brief relaxation processes and is then supported in choosing their colours.  Each colour represents a different part of their life.  The higher self is present during the selection and it is always fascinating to see what they are ready to deal with at the time.  This counseling session assists them in identifying both their strengths / talents and obstacles in life.  Awareness is the first step, then using one or two of the colours to assist in overcoming the blockages, together with a change in thoughts or behaviour eases their journey through life.  If you would like to find out more – please book a session or join us on one of the The Magic of Colour workshops.

I look forward to supporting your journey in any way that I can.



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