Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

Look at the colour wheel. Which colour pops out for you?

Click on the colour and find out how it can support you today.

GREEN: Path of the Heart TURQUOISE: Emotional Path BLUE: Path of Trust INDIGO: Intuitive Path VIOLET: Spirituality Path MAGENTA: Path of the Master RED: Path of Manifestation CORAL: Path of Compassion ORANGE: Path of Courage GOLD: Path of Balance YELLOW: Path of Power OLIVE: Healing Path Pearl: Path of Light Pink: Path of Love Pink: Path of Love Pink: Path of Love

The first step is to look at the different colours and see which you are attracted to (click on the colour). You would be drawn to them for one of 2 reasons – either because this is your GIFT and personality type, you would then resonate with the positive information, and would not need to use it.  If, however you resonate with the challenge aspects of the colour and are struggling with the issues it relates to; then choose one of the products to help bring ease into your life. Using the colour as either a bath or body oil, will begin the process of uncovering the deep emotions that have not been addressed, and through this balance is restored in the body.

Which item to choose?

There is an extensive range of products that will help you attain this balance, with options within each colour section or path.  This is because we are all individuals and each one of us will need a different level of integration or support.  Step one is to click on a colour that attracts you – then…  either do the left brain thing – reading and analysing each item to find which suits your needs best. OR,  try to see what happens if you look at the images of the different bottles, and see which makes you tingle or gives you a YES feeling in your tummy, heart or third eye.  It is always interesting to see what comes up when we get our heads out of the way and allow us to be guided by our intuition.

To read more about how COLOUR THERAPY works – please click HERE

More about Divine Space products

The Light Matrix oils are 100% natural and they REFLECT colour and light –  their light energy shows a willingness to release all old baggage, so you can literally fly into a new reality.  Each colour has specific emotions linked to that colour – and, if not looked at and dealt with – these will eventually create physical disharmony – either in the body or in your life.  It is suggested that you no longer talk about the past trauma or drama that happened in your life, and begin to look for the positive lesson in each experience. They also have the added support and strength of the Infinity keys – which are like windows into each bottle, anchoring that additional information within the oil.  THIS RANGE IS THE NEW PRIMARY SUPPORTIVE PRODUCT IN THE DIVINE SPACE RANGE.

The Angels of Transformation’ – SPRAYS invite a lighter, and gentler energetic support – They are brilliant for Auric clearing and balancing as well as for Space Clearing.  Spray them gently around the body or the room and they instantly dispel any lower or negative vibration and raise the energy.  Because the are not absorbed by the body – they do not address the deeper underlying causes of our discomfort – so they work beautifully hand in hand with the oils.

The ‘Oils of Illumination’  invite the supportive energy of the Angels, so that with their guidance and help you are ready and willing to look at the issues and emotions that have held you back, and let them go.  Use these oils when you require additional support in your life.  This is a sacred process and it is advisable to connect with the Divine Being when using the oil.  Their presence will increase and deepen as we open our hearts and minds to them,  and these oils help us to connect with them more consciously.

Candles –  Angelic candles : light the candle and invite the angel to support you and your environment.  They are made with pure essential oils and smell simply divine.  Chakra candles:  Each candle has a pure essential oil plus a tumbled crystal.