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Angels of Transformation

Use the  ‘Angels of Transformation’ – SPRAYS  for auric clearing and balancing as well as for space clearing.  They invite the light immediately and dispel any lower vibration or negativity.  Each colour offers it’s own specific support, and their effects can be felt for 2 – 3 hours, so use as often during the day as you need.  Spray them lightly above the body and onto the heart, or around the room.  Because the are not absorbed by the body – they do not address the deeper underlying causes of our discomfort – so they work beautifully hand in hand with the oils.

Hi Penni,

I just want to say how wonderful your oils are. I use them all the time and can feel the Archangels round me. I showed them to my grandchildren when they were very hyper. They loved them and the energy in the room changed instantly to one of calm, peace and a feeling of great love. (Diane used the Divine Transformation Oils as well as the Angelic Wings of Love Spray)

Diane Cooper

Diane Cooper school of Angels and Ascension