Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy


Inviting a series of new possibilites into your body and your reality.  This heart centred treatment helps to unravel the source of whatever has created disharmony in your body or your life.  We will be working beyond time and space intuiting the source of the issue and guiding you to make different choices.  By doing this we can switch timelines which will change what we invite into our present and future outcomes.

This can be done to clear patterns or belief systems that keep being replayed.  You would choose 1 of these issues to work from:

  •  Abandonment, lack of support, abuse, rejection, self judgement, struggle etc….
  •  Or we can address specific physical or health issues.
  •  Letting go of the past and opening the heart
  •  Or we can simply ask for support on our spiritual journey

At this stage the treatment is only offered by Penni du Plessis – either in person or on-line.  Therapist training will be available soon.  (please check the course dairy for dates).

I found this session with Penni deeply relaxing and on a different level to what I have felt with any other sessions. With the majority of other energy sessions I have experienced, I normally drift off quite quickly and fall asleep. This was much “lighter”, and in a very good way. I feel like I was between conscious states if that makes sense – I also noticed that my breathing became very shallow – also in a lovely way. At one point I even questioned whether I was actually breathing. I loved the lightness of everything. After having tweaked my back muscle on Thursday, at a boxing class, quite badly, the use of the blue oil on my back together with the heat from Penni’s hands was such a great combination. I did have a dull headache afterwards, but this is normal for me after a session, and especially as I did have alot to clear. I also normally feel like I need to sleep after sessions, but I am feeling incredibly light and energetic after this. I was back to my boxing class on Monday with no pain at all.


On my magnificent journey with Penni into my soul :

Penni guided me so gently and lovingly into my soul! Each process had a profound impact and was beautifully guiding me!
Saw and became animals : dolphin, whale, female lion, see thru jelly fish!
I saw the female universal eye and I knew it was feminine because it had long lashes, it appeared like that so I would know it was universal feminine energy!
My normal cave of being and meditating from became transparent and I was wonderfully suspended in space being in all of the the universe in its magnificence 360 degrees! It was vast, beautiful, colourful, still and peaceful energy, moving slowly and calm! Felt really balanced!
The Torus was beautiful and really made me feel safe! I was emotional in the process as I just remember feeling very held and free to let go of what no longer served me!
I knew I was transforming guilt / fear into GRACE! Also the energy I’m downloading and integrating is grace!
From being one with the universe was a pink cosmos flower, a willow tree, bird, water, light, animals, was one!
Saw animals really up close! Just beautiful creation!
Most senses were subdued besides touch on my face sound were heighten!
Felt less of an urge to breath. In some parts felt like I did not need to!
Moved in and out of purple pulsing energy! Sense this is my 3rd eye!
Having my face touched was deeply moving and very healing and special! Touch and energy from Penni felt very deep as if from God and really felt healing taking place on a cellular level, soul level and dimensional levels!
When Penni was on my upper chest (collar bone) heart it felt like her hands were one with my body, in it, felt very comforting!
After my session and today still, the day after, I feel, still, calm, filled with light and grateful!
Thank you Penni for caring, loving and your magnificent healing! Regeneration is so profound and feel so blessed to have been held and healed and journeyed with you! 


Regeneration of Soul