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Penni du Plessis has chosen a path and purpose to empower as many people as she can through her life journey.  One which I must add, has been far from moonshine and roses!  But as Penni says:


“Only through searching to heal myself can I truly empathise, share and support others.  I needed to walk every step of my life as it is, in order to gain the wisdom and knowledge to pass onto others.”

Penni was one of three children who grew up with the usual family dynamics known to man and survived to tell her tale.  Having suffered rejection and lack of support throughout her formative years, she became disillusioned with what her life played out.  She was married at the tender age of 20 and had two healthy baby girls that are now grown up and successful in their own right.  Penni filled the role of bread-winner and sole provider very early on in her married life and still continues to do so till this day.  Her interior decorating career began when she was 21 and that was the start of her introduction to the world of Colour.  



And her journey has been one of immense discovery with absolutely amazing outcomes to speak volumes of.  


Her story sadly unwrapped into one of divorce and having to forge a way forward for her and 2 babies. Digging deep inside her soul and body as only mothers can do, she faced each challenge to the best of her ability, working on healing herself and adding those skills to her book of life lessons. 

In 1993, whilst sitting in the reception room of a Homeopath, she came across a book on Healing through Colour, and this awakened in her an excitement like she had never experienced before.  She immediately signed up for the training and together with her knowledge in decorating, she began to discover the healing aspect of colours.  The more she delved into colour and used each aspect to find balance, the more she began to acknowledge herself and her talents rather than looking externally for others to validate her.


Colour therapy played a huge role in her growth path and she became a teacher in this discipline after training at the Academy of Colour Therapeutics in the UK.  


The relationships with her corporate clients changed dramatically.  People in the office space would come and ask to have coffee after finishing the decorating consultation, and this turned into counselling sessions bearing fruit for both Penni and her clients wherever she went.  What Penni began to notice was that people were seeing their truth just as she was operating firmly from hers.  She constantly worked on improving herself and healing herself bit by bit and slowly bringing more balance into her life and the lives of others that she touched.

She also discovered that whenever things in her life began to taper off, she needed to look for new opportunities or avenues into which she could expand to grow both herself and her business worlds.

1996 was one such occasion and she met someone who connected her with, and brought messages to her from her spirit guide.   Over 5 years she was taught by her guide and, using the combination of this information and the awakening of the original light in her soul, deep memories began to unfold and so, named after a Star system, the Antaneea Technique therapy was birthed.  This gentle treatment anoints the body with 15 oils with different colour vibrations which are massaged into the body lovingly for two hours, and, together with sound vibrations and specific counselling tools she worked her magic on many clients.  Everything up until this point in her life, had happened to teach her how to master this skill.


She soon realised that she could do most anything and master what she set her heart to accomplish.


In 2002, Penni developed her own range of oils to recipes that she “downloaded” in the wee early hours of the morning and trusting her own knowledge accrued in this lifetime… 


The sacred way of making and charging the oils took her treatments to another level completely.


She went on to develop ways of doing colour readings or colour analysis through the clients own choice of 9 bottles of magic colour.  Each bottle representing different parts of one’s life and the patterns that were created.  Her Colour Business grew from strength to strength and the colour therapy side of things changed Penni’s life forever.  She worked for years at this business with her passion just blossoming the more she saw the changes she affected in her clients.

Gradually, as all businesses do, hers went through a waning phase which prompted her to re-assess and look into new avenues, taking her business to another level entirely.


One fine sunny day, she did a “swop session” with a Access Bars practitioner here in Johannesburg.  


She swopped her 2 hour massage session for a one hour Bars session – and when she sat up after her treatment, she couldn’t remember her own name!!  After the second session, the lights came on in her head and she knew without a shadow of a doubt, that she needed to find out more about this modality.

And so the next chapter of her life then began in all earnest.  She has been offering treatments and training new Access Bars practitioners since 2012 and loves seeing lives changing when people are willing to commit to working with the tools. In constantly searching to heal and awaken herself, she is able to share and support others in their quest for wholeness too”.

In her own words 


“I experience more joy than I could ever imagine possible with less judgement of myself and others and I continually become more empowered than I could ever have imagined possible”


2023 is taking her work through another metamorphosis, and she is developing exciting new avenues for us all to play within.  Her Regeneration series is be a series of processes which are truly heart centred.  Each one focuses on a specific issue, organ or imbalance and will peel back the layers so that we can untangle from the past locked conditioning, changing timelines which affect the past, present and future outcomes.


And then another bright new modality called Conscious Communion is also in the birthing stage.  


This treatment looks at the different dimensional aspects of ourselves – where we can connect with and allow healing support for each timeline, bringing a wholeness from different perspectives until we are ready to integrate them all within the self in the present moment. 

Her beautiful oils will be integrated into both of these offerings as a continuing support for both the clients and therapist. She is offering treatments in these and when ready will be teaching these too.  

For more information on these please contact her or subscribe to her newsletter on the Divine Space website:  www.divinespace.co.za 

Email at pe***@di*********.za  Her cell number is: 082 900 8024 

You can also follow her on either her Penni du Plessis Facebook page, or Divine Space Facebook page. She also has a Youtube and many of the clips can be accessed through the media section on the website.