Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

About Penni

It was 1993, and I will never forget first standing in front of the display of coloured oils and feeling like I had come home.

Then came the insightful and spot-on revelations that were shared with me through my choices of the coloured bottles, I will never forget those first 3 colours – the green, yellow and turquoise, because through them it was as if the therapist could see into the deepest parts of my soul. She tapped immediately into the areas I had been hiding so carefully for so long – the hidden hurts and disappointments. The way I had neglected and rejected myself after my divorce, believing that I was not good enough. Even the illnesses I kept repeating came up and she explained gently how they were caused by the unresolved emotions. Most importantly, I was so excited to see what potential was waiting for me should I choose to work toward it.

So how do I get there was my anxious and dubious question? It is one thing to know all of this, but how can I shift and heal it?

‘Being truthful to yourself is the first step’ was the response. The constant chest infections, ulcers, and stomach problems are all caused by you suppressing your emotions to cope.

The colour green links to the heart, lung, chest, and breast area, and problems here indicate that you have a lot of healing of the heart to do. You need to let go of the past hurts and begin to love yourself or this area will shut down even more, and the conditions will become more serious. You may need to look at your environment as well – what is happening at home or in your workspace?  If you are unhappy in either of these, then this also needs to be addressed.

Now onto the yellow – this color indicates that your stress and fear levels are far too high. You lack confidence and have given up your power and the stomach and ulcer problems are a nudge from a soul that you have to learn to have more fun again. Bring joy into your life. Build your confidence by doing courses, learning or reading, and most importantly take back your power. So often we keep ourselves very busy just so that we don’t have time to look at the unfinished business – this is what causes the physical illness – it is your body’s way of forcing you to slow down.

Using the Magical oils will help you do this she assured me. Simply rub them onto your body or use them in your bath and you will be amazed at how the issues become less important and when you look back a few weeks later, you will find that your life has begun to change for the better.

The turquoise oil indicated my future potential. It showed how I would use all of this knowledge to help heal and teach others, in a way that was unique and different, and would touch many people’s lives.

Now, this all sounded almost too good to be true, but I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try and you know – it worked.

When I look back on my life, and all that I have achieved and healed, I know that I could not have done this much on my own. Within a couple of short weeks, I was hooked, I began to find an inner peace I had never had and began using the oils on my children as well. My youngest was about 7 at that stage and was always an unhappy, tearful, and very insecure child. The divorce had affected her deeply and I had tried everything.

I learned that using pink oil in the morning and the blue at night would help her to find her balance. The pink offering the loving compassion of the mother, and the blue the strength and support of the father – especially as he was absent. It was like a light switched on for her, and within a few weeks, people were commenting that she was a different child. She was more confident, laughed more, and was far more loving as well – even her health improved.

As you can imagine, I came hooked on color and decided that I needed to learn all there was to know. I studied at the Academy of Colour Therapeutics in the UK as a color therapist and teacher, healing myself in the process and have used colour therapy constantly since then.

I eventually developed my own system of analysis which brings in a soul perspective. In 2001 I developed and made my range of oils to support this called the ‘LIGHT MATRIX RANGE’, they are used twice a day on the body and bring in the gentle healing aspects of each colour.

To complement this came a range of ANGEL SPRAYS which boost your energy while removing negativity and harmonizing your environment. My favorites are Angelic wings of Love which calms aggression and brings love into any situation (we all need this).  I also use the Angel of Illumination spray in every treatment.  It clears both the client and myself before we start – so we are open to receiving the most out of the session, and using it after the clients has left the room – removes anything that has been released during the treatment – so the room is sparkling and clear for the next client.

The Oils of illumination were the next range to follow – and each of these divine oils is linked to ascended masters or archangels. Using them is a true blessing for the body. All these very special products can be incorporated into a healing therapy, or simply used by an individual to support both themselves and their family.

I believe that I am always divinely guided and have learned to trust my instincts and be open to any new opportunities that come my way.

Part of this natural progression through the rainbow was a yearning to use colour more deeply. This opened up for me in 1996 when I met a truly special lady called Jackie te Braake, who channeled my guide The Lord of Time, who asked if I was ready to work with him once again to correct and balance the time gateways on the planet. I eagerly agreed as the love that came through was so over-powering that I could feel the truth in every word he spoke. I worked with him for 4 years and during that time he taught me step by step, and this birthed the Antaneea Technique therapy, which combines the bodies yearning for safe loving physical touch together with colour, symbols, and sound.

Every living being, whether animal or human needs loving touch or it withers and dies – maybe not physically but emotionally. During this therapy, the back of the body is massaged with reverence and love using a combination of the Light Matrix oils. Doing this begins to align the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The trained therapist is taught to read the body during the process so that she can help you to uncover hidden or buried memories locked within the cells.

Why would you want to do this? You may ask.

I believe that we have all chose certain lessons to master during our lifetime. Most often we are unconscious of them, but somehow we keep drawing experiences towards us that keep bringing up the same emotional response.

As we access the hidden memories, the idea is not to get lost back in the trauma, but to identify what patterns of emotions hide behind the incidents. This way we acknowledge our innate lessons. Being aware is the first step towards empowering ourselves so that we can choose not to get caught in the same loop over and over again.

The client is completely and lovingly supported during this process. For some, it is an emotional release for others an easy process, but for all, it leaves them feeling more aware and lighter once they release the excess baggage they have been carrying for so long.

The use of sound during the treatment awakens the cells and leaves them vibrating with new life. This is a truly transformational and loving treatment and often people’s lives take a completely new direction once they are aligned in this way.

Gradually, as all businesses do, mine went through a quiet and waning phase in 2012 which prompted me to re-assess and look into new avenues, taking my business to another level entirely.

One fine sunny day, I did a “swop session” with one of my students who had recently attended an Access Bars course, which had just arrived here in Johannesburg. I swopped my two-hour massage session for a one-hour Bars treatment, where the therapist just held my head in different positions. When I sat up after the treatment, my head felt clearer, I was far more creative and I could tap into new ways of doing things that were so exciting. My sleep was deeper and life became more joyful. It was as if I had emptied all the mind clutter and chatter and was working from a clean blank space.

Access Consciousness offers life-changing tools and my mission is to make sure that as many people as humanly possible get exposed to the benefits of this modality.

I have looked at the good, the bad, and the ugly, and in searching to heal myself, I can share and support others in their quest for wholeness too.

I continually become more empowered, joyful, and less judgemental on myself and others than I could ever have imagined possible – life flows easily and I look forward to every day with a sense of anticipation and excitement… and how does it get better than this?

Therapies Offered By Penni

Access Bars: De-frag your brain

Works on 32 points of the head – this beautiful and gentle process clears your mind and repetitive thoughts. This clears your hard drive – the belief systems, emotions, and thoughts we replay throughout our lives. This is a deeply relaxing therapy that literally switches off the mind chatter and opens you to be more expansive and creative

Price: 60 minutes – R650

OR Counselling and Bars combo – 90 minutes R850

2 hour appointments – R1000.00

Body Processes - Hands-on

There are a series of healing processes that can be used to support your physical body and restore health to the cells. They re-program the cells of the body and are combined with clearing statements which allows you to let go of whatever is physically locked in the cells, creating disharmony.

For optimal benefit repeat the process regularly.

Body Process – Price 60 minutes – R650

Bars and Body Process combo – 90 minutes R850

2 hour appointments – R1000.00

Access Energetic Facelift

The gentle soothing touch applied to your face and neck works with your body’s cells to restore, enliven and rejuvenate.  It leaves your face and body lighter, tighter and glowing. You will notice a marked difference in the texture of the skin, the colouring of the face, and a softening of lines and wrinkles.

More than 20 body processes are activated during this treatment, which affects everything.  Regular treatments create profound changes.

Price: 90 minutes – R850

Colour READINGS - Insights & Supportive

Choose 9 bottles of the colours you are most attracted to, and you will learn more about yourself than you thought possible. Each bottle relates to a different part of your own life, and this counseling session helps you to truly understand yourself and your journey through life. Uncovering the truth, and giving support to shift blockages where necessary.

Price: 60 minutes – R650 (plus R200 each for the oil or spray taken)

Counseling Support

Do you need a new perspective on what is happening in your life or business? Penni offers one on one sessions or skype sessions and will help you see your issues from a new perspective. Practical insight and support offered.

Price: 60 minutes – R650

Conscious Collective Communion

Connecting to another dimensional aspect of ourselves to offer support and share our wisdom and healing potential. A deeply supportive counseling session that brings insight and integration

Price: 60 minutes – R700.00 (includes mini oil)

2 hour appointments – R1000.00