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OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES:  the Divine Space products and teachings are highly effective in helping the individual acquire emotional balance. Your choice of oils and colours become signposts to assist you in identifying what needs to change in your life. When this is attained it will positively affect the physical health as we believe that most dis-ease is created by an emotion that has has been stored and not been dealt with. In order to be highly effective the client needs to be pro-active in the process, as balance is only achieved by being aware of and changing ones emotional response to situations in their lives. When you stop dwelling on, and talking about the dramas in your life, and begin focussing on the positive and joyful potential for the future – this is the first step to achieving lasting balance.

Each person takes responsibility for their own healing, and must be willing to work through the stored emotions in order to find the required balance. The Light Matrix oils,  Oils od illumination and Angels of Transformation sprays are not pharmaceutical medicines. These products are used on the body, in the bath, or in the air around the person and room. THEY ARE NOT TO BE INGESTED. Continued use may bring emotions to the surface to be dealt with and released, this is part of the healing process and is to be celebrated. Should the emotional release require further support, please make sure to seek help from your therapist, psychologist or health care practitioner.

The products have been known to accelerate healing and improve the body’s natural regeneration and balance. They support allopathic or homeopathic remedies, so please work closely with your physician or professional health-care practitioner in order to monitor your need for medications, as these may change or fluctuate as the body balances itself.

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