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Positive Attributes:

Green is specifically linked to the heart. It indicates deep compassion and its expression to others. Green shows a healing of the heart, commitment, and love of self and for others. It reflects a selfless, nurturing and friendly person, and that you have chosen the perfect direction and space for your growth and peace of mind. You know your path and there is an enjoyment in the journey you have chosen. You have the ability to manifest your needs and desires as green stimulates growth. It helps you to establish clear boundaries while enjoying your freedom. A deep connection to the earth and nature encourages you to spend time outdoors.


You are holding on to old past rejections and hurts which inhibit your ability to find true love. There is a real need to heal the heart and believe that love is reliable and that you deserve to be loved. Emotionally insecure and uncertain, you need confirmation and recognition from others. You have difficulty with establishing boundaries and people often taken advantage of you. You may be in a relationship, career or home environment that is not suitable, and you have a need to make changes. Using the green oil really helps to open your heart to what is the truth for you, and it assists with making decisions. If you are depressed, spend time in nature – hugging a trees helps to transmute negative energy. This essence brings harmony, and releases the desire to control. It balances any thoughts or concerns with regard to material issues with faith and understanding Look at how you were nurtured as a child, and see how this affects you today – this may have something to do with your lack of deservability. Simply change your mindset and start believing that you deserve an abundance of everything – love, support, friendship, financial support etc. You are a divinely creative being, and can manifest whatever you focus on. Start by focusing on the positive. (Remember the challenges can be turned into positive attributes by using the oil)

Which product to use?

There are many possible paths you can choose to find wholeness. This depends on where you are at, and which resonates the most with you. Using the product twice a day will help bring balance in the following ways:

 Green Light Matrix Oil

This light oil helps you to heal and open your heart, and to know that it is safe to invite love into your life. For relationships and relating, harmony and balance. It opens the doors to extraordinary new possibilities and opportunities, which are drawn to you through the support of others. It helps you to trust your instincts and to broaden your horizons. Rub the oil around your chest every morning and evening – or use at least 10 pumps in your bath.



Angel of the Heart – spray

Recognizes and releases past lessons and assists you in moving forward. Heals the heart with gentleness and peacefulness. If feeling neglected or misunderstood it brings comfort and reassurance. It assists in the joining of the spiritual and physical worlds. Brings in a sense of purification, wholeness and unconditional love. Spray regularly above the head and onto the heart area (effects last for 2 – 3 hours)



Oils of Illumination – Horus

Horus helps us to see all people in a difficult situation through the eyes of love. Remembering and acknowledging their core spark of divinity and purity. By doing this we are able to forgive those that have done us harm, and release them. He assists with establishing boundaries. Gives strength and courage to make changes and be in your truth. Enhances psychic vision and clairvoyance. Heals past hurts Use it on your body or in your bath daily.



ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL – Oil of Illumination

He is a powerful healer of physical bodies. He intervenes directly to promote healing, or offers guidance on which treatment or medication would best support the process. Raphael is also the Angel of Abundance and governs the functions of focus and vision. Enhancing your ability to create through visualization – thereby co-creating perfect abundance. He dissolves the negative blocks which cause dis-ease, promotes health and healing to people and animals. Spirit release and space clearing



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