Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

Supportive colours for physical and emotional imbalances

Colour therapy healing addresses the emotional issues that create our physical imbalances. Rub on the body or use as a bath oil twice daily, every day until the condition eases or rectifies. The longer you have had the condition, the more time it may take to alleviate. Use the suggested oil or spray in conjunction with your allopathic or homeopathic remedy, so that the cause is addressed while you are dealing with the physical support. If you catch it early enough, then the oil will ease the symptoms before you need to see a doctor.

The Oils come in 2 different ranges:

Light Matrix Oils

This range will be used to move you out of the trauma and drama of the past with its many emotional layers.  They assist you in moving on and creating a wonderful new space and place for yourself – following your heart. Each one deals with specific issues and they are best used twice a day.

Oils of Illumination

These beautiful oils invite angelic support to help you shift any issue that may be holding you back.  They can be used individually or together with one of the other oils above.

To find out which colour to use, scroll down to identify the issue you would like to work with. Once you have identified which colour to use, click HERE  (and then on that related colour in the star) and you will get lots more information that will help you understand the unaddressed emotions that create the imbalances.  Awareness and willingness to change the behavior together with use of the product could create amazing shifts in your reality.

AbusedOrange oil - for trauma
Blue oil - builds inner strength
Seals the aura and restores balance.
Honor yourself and establish boundaries
AbusivePink oil
Or Pink Angelic wings of love Spray
Love and nurture yourself.
The spray calms aggression and invites love
Aches and PainsBlue oil – eases inflammationLet go of the past, love yourself & go with the flow
AcneYellow Angel of Enlightenment spraySpray lightly on face after cleansing and leave on as a toner
AddictionsOrange and Gold oilshelps you to be more in control and to understand why you need the crutch
AggressionAngelic wings of love - pink sprayUsing this spray on yourself eases your own or others aggression and invites love
AIDSGreen oilLearn to love and accept yourself and your choices
AllergiesGreen oil
Indigo oil
Green - who or what is irritating you
Indigo - sinus related issues
Alzheimer'sViolet oilTake back your power and love life
AnemiaRed OilDiscover the passion for life again
AngerBlue oil
Pink Spray
Blue calms you down
Pink spray calms aggression and invites love
AnklesRed OilTrust that you are supported
AnorexiaYellow oilLearn to love and accept yourself - no more judgment
AnxietyYellow oilMake time for fun in your life, avoid stressful situations
ApathyRed oilFind your passion and go for it
ArmsGreen oilUse your creativity productively
AnxietyYellow oilMake time for fun in your life, avoid stressful situations
AsthmaOlive coloured oilOpens the chest and helps you the breathe easier
Athlete’s footBlue oilMove forward with confidence
BACKBlue oilLet go of the past, know that that you deserve support, and are supported
Lower backOrange oilBelieve you are financially abundant
Middle Back

Yellow oil

Let go of the past, restores confidence
Upper BackGreen oilAsk for emotional support
BedwettingOrange oilGives you courage
Bites – insect or mosquitoBlue oilLet go of victim consciousness
BladderYellow or gold oilsWho is peeing you off? Let go of resentment
BlistersBlue oilKnow that you are protected
Blood pressure lowRed oilSelf acceptance (rejected in childhood)
Blood pressure highblue oilcalming
BoilsBlue oil - draws them to the surface quicklydo anger release work
Bowel problemsOrange oilStop holding onto the pain of the past - let it all go
BrainViolet oilBalance male and female aspects. Go for a Bars session
BreastsGreen oil and / or pink oilHow were you nurtured as a child? Time to nurture and love yourself.
BreathingOlive clear oilEnjoy the breath of life. Do you want to be here?
BronchitisOlive coloured oilopens the chest and builds the immune system
BruisesBlue OilSpeeds up the healing.
Stop being so hard on yourself
Burnscool first then apply Blue oilWhat is burning you up - let go
CancerUse colour related to the chakra
What is eating you up inside? Deep hurt, and stored anger or resentment needs to be released.
CandidaOrange oilDo you resist intimacy and feel that you have to protect yourself? Believe that you deserve to be loved
CelluliteCoral oilLet go of the life knocks you have endured. For self love & acceptance
CirculationRed oilFind your passion and go for it
ClaustrophobiaGreen oilHave you felt suppressed in life. Need for space and freedom
Co-dependentOrange oilFocus on anything creative
Cold soresBlue oilWhat is eating at you – voice it
ColdsBlue oil - throat
Olive oil for chest issues
Assists in breathing and builds immune system. Rest and detox with grace
ColicYellow oil - around middle of bodyChild takes on the parent’s stress
CandidaOrange oilDo you resist intimacy and feel that you have to protect yourself? Believe that you deserve to be loved
ConfusionYellow oilRelease stress and find your joy
ConstipationOrange oilWhat are you no letting go of?
CoughsOlive oilNeed to speak up and be heard
CourageOrange oilKnow that you deserve the best
CrampsBlue oilFear – what are you holding onto?
CroupOlive coloured oilNeed space and to be heard
CryingCoral oilTears are cleansing and healing
CutsBlue oilDo you feel punished or are you punishing yourself
CystBlue oilStop holding onto past hurts
CystitisGold oilWho is irritating you in life?
DepressionViolet oilEases grief and sadness. Focus on spiritual growth
DiabetesYellow oilFind the sweetness in life
DiarrheaOrange oilPurging, need to let go of fear
Dying/transitionBlue and violet oilsBlue door of transition
Violet for transformation
DyslexiaYellow oilHelps memory and intellect.
Use yellow paper to write on
EarsIndigo oilOpening up to your inner voice
EczemaYellow oilMental and emotional rejection of self. Learn to love and accept yourself fully.
EmotionalCoral oilHelps for over sensitivity.
Tears are cleansing and healing
EmphysemaOlive coloured oilOpens the lungs and helps breathing.
EndometriosisCoral oilLet go of blame and self rejection
EpilepsyViolet and red oilsLearn to be happy to be in your body
EyesIndigo oilEverything you see is supportive
FatPink and red oilsStop suppressing your feelings. Dont buy into what you hear or read (new fad diets etc – they just confuse the body). Ask your body what it needs. Love and accept yourself exactly as you are.
FatigueRed OilBoosts the energy and restores passion for life
FearfulYellow OilStop obsessing and have fun
FeetRed oilTrust that your path is guided
FeverBlue oilLook at what is burning you up inside
Fever blistersBlue oilWhat is eating at you – voice it
FluOlive coloured oilSupports immune system. Time to detox – take time out and rest.
Fluid retentionPearl or Turquoise oilsNeed to release suppressed emotions
FracturesBlue OilSpeeds up the healing process. Where don't you feel supported
FrigidityRed oilStop mentally withdrawing
FrustrationPink oilLearn to be more patient
GlandsBlue oilBe more creative. What are you holding on to?
GoutBlue OilLet go of resentments
GriefViolet oilSpiritual support and transformation
GrowthsBlue oilLet go and forgive
Hay feverIndigo oilIrritation and emotional conjestion
HeadachesBlue, indigo or violet oilsStop criticizing yourself and others
Heart ailmentsGreen oilLet go and forgive yourself and others
HeartburnGreen oilFear is coming up to be released
HemorrhoidsBlue oilAnger needs to be released
HepatitisGreen oilLearn to enjoy every moment of life
HerpesIndigo oilStop rejecting yourself & allow divine guidance
HipsOrange oilAsk for and allow support from others
Hyper activityBlue oilFrantic – Slow down and be calm
HyperventilationGreen oilEasily allow change
ImpotenceFrustrationPink oil
IncontinenceOrange oilGlands
IndigestionYellow oilLet go of fear and anxiety. Believe that life is there for you to enjoy
InfectionBlue oilWho or what is irritating you and what is eating at you? Focus on the positive rather than negative.
InflammationBlue OilCalm your thinking. Let go of anger
InfluenzaBlue oil and
Oilve oil
Blue for throat
Olive for chest complaints
InjuriesBlue OilEases inflammation and speeds healing
InsomniaBlue oilCalms the busy mind
IntestinesYellow oilAssimilation of life. Don’t hold on to past hurts and pain – let go
Intuition - blockedIndigo oilTrust yourself and your inner guidance
JointsBlue oilStop resisting change and movement. Learn to flow with life
KidneysGold oilFear is coming up to be released
KneesHemorrhoidsBlue oil
Liver complaintsGold oilHepatitis
LungsOlive oilEases congestion and helps you breathe
MenopauseOrange oilLove your body and flow with changes
Menstrual painBlue oil
Orange oil
eases pail
balances sacral chakra
MigrainesBlue, indigo or violet oilsFrantic – Slow down and be calm
MiscarriageCoral oilLove yourself and rust that the soul only needed a short time to complete its journey
Multiple sclerosisBlue oilEases the discomfort. Are you resistant or inflexible
MusclesBlue oilMove easily through life and accept change
NauseaYellow oilWhat is bringing up fear for you?
NeckBlue oilFlexibility and ability to see all sides
NervesBlue oilNotice how you respond to thoughts and feelings.
NervousnessYellow or Gold oilsToo stressed - take time out
OperationsOrange (down left side of body)
and Blue oil near cut
Orange seals the aura
Blue assists healing
OsteoporosisBlue oilFind more external support in life
OvariesPink, coral or orange oilsBe more in the creative flow. Nurture and nourish yourself.
OverweightPink or coral oilsStop suppressing your feelings. No more self judgment. Love and accept yourself exactly as you are.
OverworkedYellow oilFind balance and make time for fun
PainBlue oilBody is trying to get your attention - stop pushing yourself
PancreasGold oilFind the sweetness in life again
Parkinson’s diseaseIndigo oilStop trying to control everyone/thing
PhobiasGold oil / sprayTry not to obsess about it
PneumoniaOlive coloured oilEases congestion and helps you breathe
Post nasal dripIndigo oilDo you feel like a victim - inner crying
Poverty/LackRed OilIgnites your passion and drive while clearing blocks. Let go of poverty consciousness
PMSBlue oilMenopause
ProcrastinationGold oilStop putting things off – do it NOW
ProstateRed oilTake charge of your life
ProtectionAngel of Illumination spray
Angel of Ascension spray
Archangel Michael oil
Invites pure light into your space, and clears lower vibration or negativity. Invite the angelic support. Gold spray invites Christ’s protection – great for entity clearing.
Pregnancy - support duringPink oilMasculine and feminine support
Pregnancy – difficulty falling pregnantCoral oilBelieve you deserve and can love and nurture another
RashYellow oilStop rejecting yourself. stress related
RejectionGreen and pink oilBelieve that you deserve to be loved
ResentfulPink oilFocus on self love and gratitude for what you do have
RespiratoryOlive oil - colouredOpens the chest and helps you to breathe. Builds immune system
Rheumatoid ArthritisBlue oilRepressed by authority - take back your power
ScaringCoral or Gold oilsNo more judgment - love your body
SciaticaRed and blue oilsLet go of the past (left)
don't fear the future (right)
ShinglesCoral and blue oilsLearn to flow easily with life
Shock and traumaOrange oilRepair aura by using orange oil down left and side of body or in the bath
SinusBlue and indigo oilsBe aware of who is irritating you
Skin problemsPink,
Coral oils
or Yellow oils
Pink or coral for self love and accept yourself exactly as you are.
Yellow restores your power and confidence
Solar plexusYellow oilbuilds self confidence and self esteem
Sore throatBlue oilStop being a non confrontist – helps you to speak your truth quietly & calmly
Space clearingAngel of illumination spray
Brings the light in very quickly – dispelling negativity Protection and clearing
Spastic colonOrange oilAre you feeling fearful and insecure?
Speaking upBlue oilHelps you to speak your truth calmly and quietly
Spine(see back)What are you not wanting to let go of
Spiritual disconnectionMagenta oil
or Gateway to the Divine – magenta spray
Connection to higher self and guides
SpleenGold oilStop obsessing
SprainsBlue oilAre you resisting new direction?
Stiff NeckBlue oilBe aware of your resistance and inflexibility about something.
StiffnessBlue oilLearn to be more flexible in life
StomachYellow oilHow do you assimilate life and new ideas
Stretch marksCoral and Gold oilLove yourself
StressYellow oilTake time out and have fun
StutteringBlue oilBuild confidence to speak your truth
StyBlue oilDeal with what is angering you or festering inside
SurgeryOrange and
Blue oil
Orange for trauma
Blue to speed healing
SuicidalViolet OilEases grief and depression. Time to grow spiritually
SwellingBlue oilWhere are you stuck in life
TechnophobiaTurquoise oilNeed to release emotional blockages
Time managementMagenta oilYou have the ability to stretch and manage time
ThroatBlue oilNeed to calmly speak your truth
ThrushCoral or Gold oil
Orange oil
Love yourself while applying the oil
Orange for abuse
ThymusTurquoise oilFeel protected and secure - opens higher heart
ThyroidBlue oilMake time for yourself - self expression
TinnitusIndigo oilNeed to listen to your inner voice
TonsillitisBlue oilStop suppressing emotions and voice
Tumorsrelate to chakra colour
plus blue oil
Let go of resentments that are growing inside of you
UlcersYellow oilWhat is eating you up - stressed?
Unemotional/distantTurquoise oilAllows you to release the past unexpressed emotions
Unconditional lovePink oil or Angelic wings of Love sprayLove yourself first and you will attract love from others
Urinary infectionYellow or gold oilWhat is pissing you off? Let go of irritation and anger
Varicose VeinsRed or blue oilRed in the morning to boost energy and release anger. Blue in the evening to ease the legs
Venereal diseaseRed oilIt is safe to have sensual pleasure
Victim consciousnessCoral oilLearn to love and honour yourself. Put yourself first
VomitingYellow oilWhat can you no longer stomach in your life - time to change it
Water retentionTurquoise or pearl oilsRelease stored emotions
WartsBlue oilCalmly release bottles anger and resentment
Wisdom teeth removedBlue oil on jaw line – reduces swellingAllow yourself space to think and grow
Womb problemsCoral oilNurture and love yourself
WoundsBlue oilspeeds up healing
WorryYellow oilstop obsessing and find your joy
WristsGreen or blue oilsMove through life with ease and creativity