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Blessing Box

Blessings of Ascension

This deeply supportive, divine trio will guide you on your Ascension path, clearing anything that you may have taken on from others.  Raising your vibration, awareness and connection to Soul. Helping you to tap into spiritual wisdom and inspiration, while harmonising on all levels.

There are 8 different blessing boxes to choose from – click on the link to see them all.


Welcome to my page bautiful soul.  Thank you for choosing to play in my space for a while.  I have been teaching metaphysics since 1995 and have so much yummy information to share with you.

I highly recommend that you click on COLOUR THERAPY – and choose a colour that draws you.  You will find the colour information relates to the issues in your life, and when you use the related oil or spray you will be amazed at the support it offers.  Finish the oil and then choose a new colour once a month – and notice how much easier things become.

There are many wonderful workshops that I offer for both your own growth and expansion as well as therapists training – so you can add to your toolbox. You will find these in the COURSE DIARY and I warmly invite you to join us on any that tickles your fancy.  To experience any of the modalities yourself – please choose a therapist HERE

I send out a newsletter every month or two, and you are welcome to subscribe below – they will keep you in the loop with energy changes on the planet and how we can support ourselves through them.

Please check out the video clips below, they show me explaining and demonstrating 3 of the modalities that I am passionate about.  Hope to connect with you in person sometime in the future.

Penni Du Plessis

Colour Therapy


Click here to select one colour that most attracts you today.  This will give you insight into your emotional state and offers support on how to ease the situation.  When you suppress emotions it affects you physically, mentally and even spiritually.  Awareness is the first step to shifting the dynamic – using the colour at the same time brings ease and balance.


A nurturing and truly supportive massage that incorporates 13 coloured oils, sound and symbols.  The body is gently massaged 3 times in one treatment – colours change each time to support your physical, emotional and spirit bodies. The combination unlocks patterns of trauma held in the body – giving you the opportunity to release them and move forward. This is a deeply loving and transformative process.


Is a modality where the therapist cradles and activates various points on the head.  Each of the 32 positions taps into a particular part of the brain and all its programming – wiping the past beliefs and emotions attached to them.  This deeply relaxing defrag of the brain leaves you feeling more creative, joyful and expansive.


A heart centred treatment which unravels the source of disharmony in your body or your life.  Working beyond time and space, we switch timelines which can change what we invite into our present and future realities. This happens in a deep meditative space, using specific music while connecting to the heart.  It is a loving and gentle process that leaves you feeling truly nurtured.


We offer training in all of the above plus more…. The training is recommended if you are ready to step into a new way of Being, letting go of the past and stepping into more of everything OR if you are a therapist looking to enhance what you offer.


The first step is to look at the different colours and see which you are attracted to. You would be drawn to them for one of 2 reasons ..



These audio clips are amazing transmissions that would help you clear issues in your life.


Our products are made with love in South Africa.  We ship Internationally!