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After my return from the retreat in France I have been feeling very unsettled, uninspired and even questioning my path forward and everything that my life is.  I know that having done such deep inner work during the trip was part of this, but the planetary shifts seems to have intensified it all.  The clients that I have seen have all confirmed that they are in the same space, which confirms this knowing.

During the last 2 months it felt like we have been in a snow globe and have had a really good shake up.  There have been huge extremes in emotions where everything that had settled below the surface and been in hiding was brought to the surface so that we could truly see it.  Many people’s behaviour has been really odd – almost as if their demons or deepest darkest stuff have come to the surface to be addressed, dealt with and hopefully released.  This has not been comfortable for themselves as well as those close to them (who of course have also been going through their own stuff).

With our glitter swirling everywhere our thoughts and emotions are stirred up, whether from excitement and enthusiasm, or from agitation and worry.  This heightened state of flux takes a lot of energy, as it clouds the picture making it hard to see clearly through the blizzard.

On top of all of this, we in the southern hemisphere have just  gone through winter and business has been extremely quiet, as most people have gone into hibernation.  In a way this is a really good thing, because it has given us time to be still and to take the time out to re-assess our lives and our place in the world.  The trick here is not to go into panic mode and fear of survival during the quiet months.

Remember, it is necessary to rest the mind, even if it is unfamiliar. In order to get the glitter to stop swirling you would need to put your snow globe down and wait. The stillness allows all the particles to settle to the bottom, so that you can see things clearly again. Each time you begin to either over analyse or stress about things, you are picking up the snow globe again, which stirs everything up creating another level of disturbance, and then it takes even longer for the glitter to settle at the bottom.

Your physical body is also affected by this as it responds to your thought process.  As you get triggered by someone who irritates you, a threat or stress or a negative thought;  become attunded to your body and notice how it reacts – your heart may start racing, your temperature rising, or your immune system compromised as your body reacts to the thoughts to deal with what’s happening.

And going even deeper – be aware that the state of the planet is also a reflection of what we are going through.  I keep seeing facebook posts about plastic polution and devastation of both the land and the oceans.  If this is happening externally – then how are we neglecting ourselves internally.

August brings a completely new energy which will ignite many new ideas, thoughts and dreams, however, this is not the month to act on them.  Ruminate on them and ground the energy and don’t be concerned if they are fleeting, and you forget them .  We may be tapping into other dimensional aspects of ourselves and the thoughts and ideas you are experiencing may not be yours or something you need to personally initiate.  When you take that in-breath and wait it out – you will find that the new that is perfect for you, will expand and anchor until you are absolutely sure that this is your next step.

In this process, take a lot of time out this month for self care and nurturing, in whatever way works for you.  Just as the earth needs to be cared for and cleaned up – so do we.  And this relates to both our emotional well-being as well as physical care.  Stop the self judgement and critism, be loving and kind to yourself, focusing on what you  like about yourself and others and be willing to be still for another month.  This is in preparation for the month of September, which will be the time for action.

Remember, when we’re calm, or in the process of calming, our energy is more grounded. and our awareness is heightened. So find what self nurturing care works for you this month.   Personally I have been drawn to using the Coral Light Matrix oil or Mother Mary oil daily – wrapping my entire body in the gentle, loving and compassionate energy that it is craving.

And finally I have picked one of my cards from the Infinity Keys set as a message for the month, and it so perfectly confirms everything I have written about.

Orna 6 – Divine Wisdom

The 3 crosses represent the 3 aspects of Divine Wisdom, Divine Love and Divine Truth.

In order to hold the conscious intent to support our growth in our rapidly changing world, it is important that we nurture our most sacred selves, tenderly nourishing our spiritual vision and development.  This key brings insight and strengthens our conscious link to soul.  It opens your essence to your path of truth, where you will effortlessly practice what you believe.

The moment you connect with this energy, you activate the order of light within, which will overlight your path and bring conscious intent to your every action.

If you have enjoyed the information on the card above – I will be running a one day workshop at the end of August – where we play with them – you are welcome to either join us, or order your own set.

Until next time, colourful and divine blessings sent to you