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Mother Mary


Mother Mary embodies the Divine Feminine and is one of the most loving, patient and kind angels. Her task is to bring healing and love to all, especially children and babies.

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She counsels us to use patience wisdom, intelligence and love as parenting tools, and will assist anyone whose life purpose involves working with children. She also assists in healing your own inner child, gently releasing childhood pain or trauma. Sensitivity and healing. Forgiveness and Mercy.

She is especially supportive of children, babies.  Bringing unconditional love, kindness and compassion. For baby massage mix a little with sweet almond oil and gently rub the little body.

The oil contains plant, nut, herb and flower oils, crystal energy and sacred geometery.
It is made in a sacred, loving process. The shelf life is 6 – 8 months once opened. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Use it daily anywhere on the body or as a bath oils, and you will invite the Angels to support your life.

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