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The passionate and powerful action of red comes together with the purity and openness of the only whole colour, white, to create the calming, unconditional love and nurturing energy of pink.

Pink is a sign of hope. It instils in us an assurance that everything will be just fine. It calms our emotional energies, enabling us to listen to our feminine intuition. It encourages positivity and optimism, while its reassuring, gentle warmth helps to alleviate emotional upset. And of course, pink is the colour of romance and caring love.


On valentine’s day why not set the scene for the most romantic evening ever:
Light the Archangel Chamuel candle (for loving relationships), Spray the ‘Angelic Wings of Love’ Angel spray around yourselves and the room to open your hearts and set the tone.  Sprinkle rose petals on the bed and give each other a soft and beautiful massage using the Red Oil of Transformation (which ignites passion). ….. Together with strawberries dipped in chocolate and lashings of cream – What an invitation this could be….

And even better, continue this ritual once a month for a special date night.  Who says romance only happens once a year?

And then for the most sublime gift ever – why not experience an Antaneea Technique massage.  This is the softest most loving massage which combines coloured oils, sound vibrations and symbols.  The body is massaged 3 times in one treatment – how does it get better than that?  You will leave feeling lovingly supported on all levels.  To find a therapist please click here:



Decorating With Pink

Pale pink is the ideal colour to use in children’s bedrooms. Studies have shown that exposure to pink calms the body physiologically. A pale pink bedroom will calm little minds active from busy days of learning, allowing them to properly rest their bodies with peaceful sleep. The feeling of unconditional, compassionate and nurturing love that comes to us from pink is perfect for the growing personalities of little people who need encouragement to reach their full potential.

If you are looking to bring some retro style into your kitchen, pastel pink appliances or other accents will conjure up that feeling of walking into a 1950s American diner. And of course, the elegantly tapering blooms of bright fuchsia orchids will bring an invigorating energy into any room. The orchid’s dark, deep green leaves are the perfect natural contrast to the bright petals, and give the plant its air of sophistication.

For A Pink Fashion Statement

Pink is a very feminine colour, and will immediately bring a sense of restfulness to anyone feeling aggressive moods. It is also a youthful colour, and it lends this characteristic to anyone who wears it.

A man can make quite a statement with pink clothing because he is willing to work from the heart. A man in pink is showing the world that he does not need any crutches for his masculinity and that he is confident and self-assured.

If you are a woman getting ready for a date, wear a bold dash of fuchsia. A mix of a deep red-pink and blue, fuchsia is confident and assured. And of course, let’s not forget hot pink, which is passionate, playful and sensual. It is full of warmth and happiness, and wearers of hot pink will feel an irrepressible urge to grab all the fun that life has to offer.

Healing With Colour

If you feel you or the people in your space need a little reminder of the unconditional universal love, use the pink Angelic Wings of Love spray to instantly clear and balance an area. Pink calms aggression and brings in love.  This could be the way we react to others, or even when they project aggression toward us.  In both cases using the pink ‘Angelic wings of Love’ spray around yourself, calms the aggression and lightens the energy.   This spray invites a heart connection. Read a bit more here.

The Pink Oil of Transformation is for those who need help trusting and loving themselves. While inviting love into your life, it shows you how to love yourself. It will also show you the way to letting go and following your feelings, and how to connect with others who can help you. You can find out more about the Pink oil here.

If this information on the supportive properties of pink has left you wanting to know more, please visit my page on the Pink Path. I would love to join you on your journey to finding love and compassion.

Penni du Plessis