Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

Positive Attributes:

You have chosen this colour because you are loving, kind and gentle, always offering help or support to anyone in need. You do this selflessly as it is in your nature. You have an inner beauty that shines through. There is a lightness of Being and elevated soul consciousness. Everything you do comes from the heart with true love and compassion. This is a wonderful colour for babies or children as it wraps them in unconditional love.


You are so busy guiding and helping others that you forget about yourself. You feel neglected because you neglect yourself. You may have financial difficulties as pink is the intensified version of red. You have difficulty in trusting and in finding love. Perhaps you don’t believe you are deserving and that you are not good enough. If this is the case, start working on visualising what it is you desire and want in life. See it, feel what it feels like to be cherished, taste it – use all your senses. Keep doing this until you start believing it and you will find it starts becoming real. Begin by first really working on loving yourself so you can create a supportive loving relationship. This oil will give you extra zest and stamina to go when you are running against the clock on someone else’s deadline. (Remember the challenges can be turned into positive attributes by using the oil)

Which product to use?

There are 3 possible paths you can choose to find wholeness. This depends on where you are at, and which resonates the most with you.

Light Matrix oil – Pink

Use this oil if you have done a lot of emotional clearing work on yourself and are ready to move on to another level of self-love and support. It teaches you to love yourself and others unconditionally.
The oils deepens the support of the feminine consciousness in your life.
Teaching you to trust yourself and your emotions and to go with the flow.
It invites love into your life and this starts with loving yourself.
It teaches you to ask for help and connect with like-minded people or groups.

It re-aligns and re-calibrates the entire energy system so that it flows with the truth of who you are.

Rub it on the heart or anywhere on the body twice a day, or use at least 10 pumps in the bath.



Angelic wings of Love – Angel Spray

Use this spray if you want to change the vibration in a room or office. It invites light into the space and calms any negative lower vibration.
This magical spray reminds you of the unconditional universal love, that touches the soul and awakens the heart, bringing harmony and comfort.
It calms aggression and brings in loving vibrations, whether emanating from ourselves or directed towards us. In both instances spray yourself or around the room before the other person enters.
Spray around children at bed time and invite angelic protection and support.
Spray around yourself or the room to invite love into the space.
Excellent if used with the blue oil. The effects last for 2 – 3 hours.



Oil of Illumination – Archangel Chamuel

Use this oil if you would like to invite the angels into your life.
Chamuel brings in the qualities of love, tolerance and gratitude. He is protective and assists with relating and all relationships. He guides you in the most important aspects of your life, your romantic relationships, friendships, careers and discovering your life purpose.
His help creates a firm foundation for lasting, meaningful relationships, releasing anything in the past that holds you back.
He helps to heal a broken or bruised heart and invites loving supportive relationships.
Use this oil daily anywhere on the body or in the bath.