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orange-laughterOrange is the colour of adventure, sociability, rejuvenation and intense optimism. This week is about welcoming orange into your life – and that means embracing happiness and physical energy, and banishing despondency.

Orange balances the passionate, stimulating qualities of red with the uplifting cheeriness and light-heartedness of yellow. What a combination! It is a colour full of vitality and enthusiasm, making us feel courageous. If you have been pushing aside the thorny issues in your life, you can rely on orange to give you the support you need to face your difficulties, take action, make changes, and move onwards and upwards. Be it letting go of your insecurities and unnecessary inhibitions, or something more tangible like saying goodbye to a negative influence hanging around you, orange could give you the push you need.

Decorating With Orange

orange-doorIf you are going through dark times and are struggling to banish a negative attitude, consider painting your front door outside a bright, uplifting orange. This is a strong step towards creating a more positive space for yourself. Every morning as you leave the house and lock the door, you will come face-to-face with this cheering colour, helping you to start your day with a little uplifting boost to remind you of your commitment to positivity. In fact, anyone who comes home from a long day feeling drained will benefit from a vibrant orange door. The front door is the entrance to your home. It makes sense to use a colour that will put you in a good mood as you walk inside. If a whole door seems a bit much to you, consider  smaller pieces of décor in orange, such as a welcome mat, lamp or scatter cushions.

Orange stimulates balanced conversation and encourages sociability. This makes it ideal for any room where you regularly entertain. And, orange stimulates the appetite – of course, this is great for a dining room but perhaps you’d rather steer clear of it in your kitchen! Especially for those of us who find ourselves snacking more than we’d like to.

Possible Dis-ease Associations

When we are experiencing emotional upset, it can translate into physical dis-ease of the body. Orange is a supportive colour for the parts of our bodies found in our lower abdomen, so if you have any imbalance in your lower back, hips or colon, it suggest your problems lie with needing to let go of the past, trust in yourself and trust in others, and a need to purge yourself of fear.

After times of extended illness, we may find ourselves with a reduced appetite. It is essential to physical recovery to eat nourishing, healthful foods. Why not include orange foods – sweet potatoes and citrus is a great place to start.

Orange Fashion Statements

orange-clothesIf you have been struggling with low energy levels, introducing orange into your wardrobe will physically rejuvenate you and put a spring in your step. Anyone who has experienced sluggishness and low energy will know that it also affects your mental state. It is amazing how renewed physical energy translates into a mental booster.

On work days when you have a brainstorm scheduled, a streak of orange will help you to drop your insecurities, enabling you to speak your mind and share your ideas with self-assuredness. It is also a colour that promotes respect for not only yourself but also others, so if you have a colleague who likes to put others down, cover yourself in orange and make sure to sit next to them – for everyone’s sake! And if your initial ideas don’t quite hit the nail on the head, the orange presence will help you to bounce back quickly and keep bringing ideas to the table.

Does Orange Get You Going?

You are assertive and determined – though not aggressive. You are tolerant and find great satisfaction in helping others. You are charming and the life of the party. You thrive in social situations but should be careful to not show off too much.

Or Does Orange Put you Off…

You are someone who dislikes socialising and you feel uncomfortable in large groups. It may be worth spending some time asking yourself if you are holding yourself back and make the effort to mix and make conversation.

Healing With Colour

When you find yourself brooding on a past situation, or feel yourself struggling to break a habit of going in circles, the orange Oil of Transformation – found here – will encourage you to focus on positive, creative pursuits. When using the oil, think about the word “Transformation” and what it means to you. You probably want to bring about a total change in a situation that is bringing you down, and The Oils of Transformation will support just that. Use it as a bath oil. The orange oil is also excellent to use in the event of trauma of any kind, or any shocking situation. When this happens the auric field is affected, and this will restore it again.


orange-sprayThe orange spray is called the Orange Angel of Regeneration Spray, available on this page. Orange assists you in “pulling yourself together” as it were – so if you feel out of sorts after a shock, it will help you gather your thoughts and give you support. After an operation, this spray can be sprayed in the air around you.

I call the orange path The Path of Courage – please do take a look on my website for further information.