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Positive attributes:

You are able to use your creativity and enjoy what you do. You are social and enjoy being part of a group, yet have a strong sense of independence. You tend to be joyful, optimistic and cheerful. You have a deep inner wisdom and contentment. You have learnt to use your sense of discernment – this is especially useful when reading books or doing courses, as you won’t simply accept all you are told. You will take what feels right for you and disregard the rest.

Switching on the magic
Before using the oil of your choice, hold the bottle in both hands and show gratitude for the shift and balance it is about to bring into your life – choose one or make up an affirmation in your own works – that shifts specific issues in your life.

‘What will it take to invite amazing support into my life?’
‘How can I aligning with my wisdom and bliss?’


You may have lacked the support you needed in life. You may find you are stuck in a co-dependant situation of some sort – it could be within your personal relationships, home or work. Somewhere you are not happy, but stay in the situation for the sake of others or for financial security. It is time to look seriously at this. Perhaps start thinking of what you really want in life and a great way to begin this is to heal yourself first. Your circumstances or relationships with others simply mirror our inner insecurities or unhappiness. Use your creativity and find your independence. Most importantly, learn to love and accept yourself, this is finding wholeness. You must understand that your thoughts attract what you manifest.
You may also have gone through a difficult situation – shock or trauma – in your life. This may have upset your balance and equilibrium. This could have been caused through operations, accidents, abuse or trauma. If the etheric gap has opened, you will find that life has been a struggle. It is important to use the Orange Oil of Transformation daily in your bath to re-seal the etheric gap and create balance.
(The challenges can be turned into positive attributes by using the oil)

Which product to use?

There are 3 possible paths you can choose to find wholeness. This depends on where you are at, and which resonates the most with you. You can read all of them and analyse which you think is the most appropriate, or simply choose one by your gut feel.

Light Matrix oil – Orange

This oil shines the light onto any dysfunctional relationship or situation.
It helps you to let go with ease and grace through stimulating new ideas and creativity.
It encourages independence.
Brings in excitement, deep delight and insight.
Allow this remedy to ignite a spark of truth which helps you to take back your power and guide you toward spiritual mastery.
Seals the aura after any shocking or traumatic event, even if it happens years ago.
Brings insight into co-dependent issues and strengthens your independence.
Encourages creative pursuits and helps you to focus on them – rather than the dramas in your life.
Awakens the wisdom of the past, and connects with your bliss.
Use when you have not had the support you needed in life.
After shock, operations or trauma: Rub down left of body every morning (until bottle is finished).
For any other conditions – rub right around the hip area every morning and evening, or use 10 pumps in the bath.



Angel of Regeneration – Orange Angel Spray

Seals the aura if used immediately after shock or trauma – excellent to use after an operation or in hospitals.
It builds courage and stimulates action while strengthening and repairing the etheric field.
This Angel assists us when in need, with understanding and compassion.
Assists us in moving forward and gaining wisdom from the lessons learnt.
Spray over entire auric field regularly during the day. The effects last for 2 – 3 hours



Oil of Illumination – Maitreya

This master vibration connects you with finding the inner balance, peace and harmony that we all strive for. By mastering this through joy, you are able to detach from, and release past suffering.
He is protective, comforting and loving, and in his presence you feel completely safe.
He teaches you that laughter can mutate and transform any situation.
Enhances spiritual insight and understanding, and teaches us to accept moderation and balance in all things.
Respect and acceptance of self and others without judgment