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When you look around you right now – we seem to be surrounded by chaos.  From the hectic fires in many areas, including the burning and looting happening in South Africa, it can become easy to lose hope and get sucked into the collective anger.

There is an incredible amount of tension on the planet right now.  So much abuse, anger, and a sense of futility on the planet and sometimes even in our own lives at present, and many of us wonder if we are in some was the cause of the abuse in our own lives.

If you are experiencing abuse in your own relationships, please please don’t take it personally and own it – instead take back your power and feel if being in this place is the best place for your growth and light right now.  If not, maybe this is a catalyst for you to move on.  Doing this will release your own tension and the energy around it.

The tension is going to get worse not easier, and it is absolutely your choice whether to be part of it, or whether you could be the eye of peace in the storm.  Watching the news, taking about it and judging the actions of everyone (the instigators, police, politicians and even the animals burned in the fires) gives more energy to the story and fuels it.  Is this what you want more of?

By disconnecting, and just being aware of your own sacred peaceful place and state of mind,  gives the planet and even your body permission to change.  Be kind to yourself without any expectations.  You are the master of your universe and you carry a light within that can help others, by just being in their space.  Your centredness and peaceful countenance could plant seeds of light, hope and peace in others, just by you being in their presence.  Let us become aware of the future together and what we can do to make our transition easier.

This month is about movement and achievement, so enjoy the busy time and be grateful for each opportunity that comes your way and above all pat yourself on the back for what you have achieved.  This way you are constantly acknowledging it and in that way you will invite more.

Most of us have become more and more sensitive – does this sensitivity move you more into fear or love.  Let go of the old fear-based systems and connect your vision with your heart.  We are now creating much quicker than ever before, so be very aware of what you are focusing on and make sure that it is what you want more of.  Focus on the things that light up your heart and bring you joy.  And even more critical is to focus on what we love – a child, animal or even the pot plant.  We are all part of each other, even though we dont feel like it, especially in these times of separation, but just know that these chaotic times are temporary and our natural state is that we are hard wired to care about each other.  Making enemies or focusing on those that you feel are different to you, creates even more separation.  If however you look for good in people, or on the planet – you will find it.

Open your heart and release all the restrictions and then you will begin to see the unity and spirit in each other.  What are you looking for, what is your choice and where are you sending your love?  Are you focusing on money, or the lack of money?  If you focus on lack – you are feeding that energy and you will lack more.  Rather pay the bills (those that you can) with joy and give thanks that you are completing a process – this could change your whole vibration towards money.  The more we become aware of the game we are playing and how to play it, you will start to have fun with it in a way that you could never have dreamed of before.

As we evolve through the different stages of evolution – just like the seasons, our physical body changes too.  The more we find the still point and lightness within, we then carry more of our spirit in our physical bodies.  My beautiful Blue Light Matrix oil is amazing in helping you be still, peaceful, speaking your truth and quietening the busy mind.  Lets collectively do this – as often as possible until it is our natural state of being.  In this way we have the potential of creating a 5th dimensional earth that is free of all the angst, that will be a completely separate planet from the lower 3rd dimensional reality.  2 realities to choose from….

And remember that in spirit terms there is no time – so even if it feels like this is taking forever to resolve.  On the other side it will be like the blink of an eye.

I wish deep peace for you this month

Until next time,  Penni