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Positive Attributes:

You have a strong sense of self and an innate ability to trust. Peace and peaceful communication are important to you. Your biggest gift is your ability to communicate on a one-on-one basis, and to empathise and understand truly from where the other person is coming. Counseling is your strong point. You are compassionate and allow others the space to learn their own lessons.
You have an analytical mind with the ability to remain clear and focused. You are relaxed and enjoy your own quiet space. This oil represents support, nurturing and holding the light for the work to be done. It holds the journey through the stars.


You have difficulty with authority which could stem from past parental relationships – have a look at whether you were able to communicate with your parents, or were seen and not heard. This results in a need to keep the peace at all costs so as to not rock the boat. You tend to swallow back what you should be saying in order to do this. This will result in regular sore throats or a stiff neck. Using the blue oil opens the throat chakra, releases the tension and pain and helps you to speak your truth peacefully
You tend to over-analyse and have difficulty switching your mind off – even when trying to sleep. This results in an inability to fall asleep. You may have hectic dreams and experience tiredness on waking. (Rubbing the blue oil onto the neck and temples at bedtime calms the mind and allows it to rest.)

(Remember the challenges can be turned into positive attributes by using the oil)

Which product to use?

There are 3 possible paths you can choose to find wholeness. This depends on where you are at, and which resonates the most with you.

Light Matrix oil – Blue

Stimulates creative expression and opens the heavenly doorway to your mind. Voice the truth of who you are, with gentleness and integrity. It teaches you to surrender to the flow of life with peace, grace and ease.
It helps you to let go of any difficulty you have had with authority so that you are free to move on in life It helps you to be at peace with circumstances that are out of your control.
Eases and opens the throat chakra so that you are able to speak your truth, quietly and gently. Calms the mind and helps you to sleep restfully. Teaches you that it is safe to trust again.
This oil helps to speed up the healing process in any inflamed or painful area of the body – rub on the affected area.

Magic combination: Use this oil in combination with the pink angel spray (Angelic wings of Love). The blue oil brings in the supportive masculine energy which is balanced with the compassion and love of the feminine energy held within the pink.
Rub the blue around the neck and throat and onto the temples – twice a day. Or use at least 10 pumps in the bathwater – especially at night

For pain and inflammation anywhere on the body – rub the oil on the area 3 times a day.



Blue Flame of Protection – Angel Spray

This spray invites Archangel Michael’s absolute protection.
It raises the spirit and brings in understanding and appreciation.
It increases sensitivity and awareness to the nuances around us.
Excellent to use in an office environment. It is stimulating, soothing and gently uplifting. Brings in focus and alertness while calming the mind.
Spray around your bod



Oils of Illumination – Archangel Michael

Michael is the Angel of courage, strength and protection. His energy is huge and powerful. He wraps you in his blue cloak to offer both physical and psychic protection. When in danger call on him. He dissolves negative attachments.
He guides and directs those that feel lost or alone. He releases fear and stimulates initiative and action. Helps with direction, courage, dedication and commitment.
Use daily anywhere on the body or in your bath.
y or the room when you need Michael’s support. The effects la