Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

Thank you for the wonderful comments and responses that I have received after the previous newsletter.  I am so excited about the changes I have experienced and heard about, and this so clearly validates the change.

I have a strong sense that we are at a pivotal point in time.  A time where it is all about choice.  We can choose right here and right now what energy to play in, and to be in for the future.  If we get sucked into the chaos, and dramas around us – believing it and buying the fear that is being instigated – then we are still stuck in the 3rd dimensional energy.  If you are able to view it all as just an interesting point of view… and just be aware of what others are choosing… WITHOUT getting hooked into the energy and fear of the future – then you are playing with 5th dimensional energy.

In the heavier 3rd dimension everything seems to be a struggle.  You will find more aggression around you and maybe even directed towards you.  Life is difficult, your health and relationships take strain and your job or finances are an issue that may need addressing and attention.

In the lighter higher vibration of the 5th… everything is easier. So in every moment be aware if you are stuck in the 3rd or happily enjoying the 5th dimension.  Remember we all have free will – and it is our choice.

What I have noticed since connecting the heart with the head – together with seeing and hearing overlaying patterns of light and sound (see the last newsletter for a reminder of this), is that this month has flowed in all ways. When I have needed time and space to catch up with my backlog – it has been there – with no stress about finances, because those have flowed easily from other sources.  The filling of my courses, and sales of products have exponentialized, leaving me more time to play, to practice the processes and to experience this awesome new way of being.

The clients that I have seen this month have ALL experienced massive shifts and clearings and many have shared their astounding experiences with me – and trust me … we can all do this…

So… what is the next step.  The next step is to clear your space. Do this in your office, your therapy room, or any space in your home where you spend a lot of time.  Clear the clutter, make it a truly beautiful and sacred space. My sacred alter  includes the very first drawing I ever did, together with some of my Infinity Keys (I chose them carefully for the energy I would like to invite), a clock (because I work with Time in the Antaneea treatment) and crystals (because they enhance and amplify everything)

Then anchor your head, your heart AND spirit into your space. To do this, choose 3 items that would represent each of those 3 aspects.  It could be 3 divine candles, or 1 candle with 3 wicks.  It could be crystals, or my oils and sprays.  Pictures, images or symbols – whatever works for you.  They must each mean something to you, and each one would represent the head, the heart and your higher self.

Here is what I have used:  My Heart chakra candle – for the heart, the Indigo Light Matrix oil to represent the mind, and the Crown chakra candle for spirit.  In the morning I light the candles, and anoint my head with the oil to remind myself to awaken all 3, and then each time I look at them I connect with all and visualize each one fully open and connected to each other.  This is my choice – what is yours?

Do whatever works for you… and in this way we begin to entrain the room with the trinity – and this will help to anchor us in the 5th dimension.

Awaken and open all 3 aspects in every moment – and with practice it will begin to become second nature…. and then magic happens.  And now for the crux of it… when faced with any decisions – whether it is guiding someone else; or needing help yourself ask your head what it would do in this situation, then ask the heart and finally the higher self – and make your choice with whichever feels the lightest.  You will notice that it becomes easier with practice and you will find it easier not to get sucked into the chaos around us. You will be increasing the amount of light in your being – which affects your surroundings, your ability to create and manifest and even spreading the light to people around you – wherever you are.

If you would like to play in this energy more tangibly, please join us on the 26th May for our Blue and Indigo day – where we will play with these exercises and more. I look forward to sharing the wonderful new lightened space with you…

Be kind to yourself and invite magic – it is yours for the asking.

Divine blessings always