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Have you heard that we now have the potential to anchor a new 5th dimensional reality into our body and our lives?

To explain this a little fuller, let me firstly give you some comparisons between the 3rd and 5th dimensions and how they affect our ‘Time’ management.

In the 3rd dimension time was a linear reality. Things happened sequentially, as in past, present and future. What we focused on affected us too. So when we focus on the past, and hold onto memories, grudges or pain that may have happened in the past, this usually kept us in a sense of regret, pain or depression (especially when we obsess about the traumas of the past rather than the times where we were truly joyful and excited).

When focusing on the future, this adds so much stress to our lives, as we constantly set up expectations that we are striving towards.

What is interesting is that added to this, we find that our thoughts have also been sequential. Whatever worked for us in the 3rd dimension, became habit forming. So if an obstacle or problem arose, we would go back to over analysing it, together with using all the same old tools that we used to use to ease the situation.

For some of us these tools were our sense of discernment and problem solving, maybe choosing a positive outlook, or confronting the person head-on. All of these come from the head though, and were determined by what worked in that situation in the past…. and in the 5th dimension this will no longer work for us.

In the 5th dimension time is like a spiral (which we wont truly understand until we have been in it for a while), however the way forward from this moment on – is to link the head and the heart to everything that we do. Just adjusting our thoughts and thinking are not enough to support us… BUT if we add the dynamic of head and heart together – we have the potential to create magic.

How would we do this you may ask? Firstly you have to open your heart fully – and all the time. So yes, be positive, focus on what makes you feel light and right, and then connect with your heart – loving the person, the environment, the situation and the experiences – even if they are difficult. If you love the lesson behind it, it will dissipate with ease. Resist it – and it anchors firmly and creates more of the same.

We will also need to work with the brain in a whole new way, and when we do – it opens up new neural pathways and starts creating new possibilities. Thank goodness for the Access Bars work that I do – as I can feel how it has already supported this process.

To help you understand this more fully, think of how you have been meditating in the past. Most of us have been working hard at emptying the mind and trying to find that still point. Has this worked for you?

Mostly we spend the time judging ourselves for not being able to do this sufficiently. (Which is all a mind thing).

What if this little ritual could change everything for you. Anoint your head and heart with one of the Light Matrix oils and then put on any music that makes your heart sing. Focus on the sound, and especially the rhythmic beats of the music – almost feeling the patterns. Secondly, try finding that stillness of the mind with your eyes open instead of closed, and be aware of those patterns in the light bouncing off the leaves, the play of light and shadow and the movement of the leaves moving in the breeze; and connect them to the rhythms of the sound… and simply let go and be….

What if… in this space you are more receptive to receiving; and that the ideas that come to you will come from non-linear time – which is so different from having thoughts rule your mind.

I dare you to try this for a month, and let me know what opens up for you. We are all finding our way in this new world… and need to be able to support each other in the process.

Find me on facebook and lets share our experiences with each other and the world. If you are looking for more tangible ways of doing this in a group space – please join us on the Blue and Indigo day in May – where we will be exploring these tools and others together.

I look forward to our sharing

Colourful blessings always