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Can you believe that it is already almost the end of the year and the season for giving?  The Season for giving is upon us. Have you started your gift shopping and wrapping? I haven’t. Nor can I get my head around it.

How did the year fly past so quickly?

Come to think of it – thank goodness it did. It has been another year where we have had to go within and face our challenges in more ways than we could ever have dreamt of.  Access Consciousness has a ‘crazy phrase’. This phrase states: ‘everything is the opposite of what it appears to be, and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be.’  When you can’t make sense of what is happening either in your own personal world or outside of it repeat this mind-bending phrase over and over again in your head.  If you can’t sleep – say it like a mantra in your head until you fall asleep. This will help you wrap up your day.

A trap that keeps us stuck and a simple way to fix it

The endless need to obsessively figure things out, is a trap. A trap that we as humans get stuck in over and over again. We think about whatever it is that is stressing us out 24/7. We even dream about it. We wake up with it on our minds the next morning – starting all over again.  Have the answers ever come to you this way?  Maybe!!  and has that been an easy and effortless way of finding a way out?  Most times not – it creates another layer of entanglement that keeps us locked in the head. This really weird statement cannot be made sense of. So the brain eventually gives up the trying. So it begins to unwind and let go.

Meaningful Gifts

As we gently slide into the last few weeks of the year. Let’s take time to thank this year of giving meaningful gifts. Gifts with consciousness. Perhaps something that would ease burdens. Or nurtures the body mind and soul. Or bring some light into your loved ones’ life. Many don’t have much to spend this year so how about baking something divine and decorating it with flowers from the garden? Give a gift voucher for a loving massage and bless your loved one with your own special loving touch. Children could offer a car wash once a month, or do the dishes or even offer to cook a meal.  There are so many delightful ways that give the gift of your time only, and trust me – these could be more meaningful than anything store-bought.

And then – how are we wrapping up this year?

Make sure that it is not with angst, worry, stress or fear of the future, as that will surely set the tone for more of the same for the year to follow. Cut yourself off from the doom and gloom perpetuated by the media as this sucks you into a black hole that is hard to get out of.

Would you be willing to let go of all the judgments and expectation?

Judgemnets you and others have about your body, your life, your business and your future. Would you be willing to let go of all of them from this moment forward.  If I was truly creating my life today. What would I choose right away?

Let us spend the last few weeks looking at our world through the eyes of love.

Start with yourself and honor your beautiful body every morning. Try these Angels Sprays if you wish. Place your hands anywhere on your body. Allow gratitude to flood your body, heart, and mind. Be grateful for your body and what it has done for you.  Acknowledge those that you love. Notice how they enhance your world. Find things that make your heart sing. Incorporate more of these activities into your daily life. Play more, laugh more, and connect with those that you care about.  If we all do this – we can raise the vibration on the planet – and what an immense gift that would be.

Enhancing your future is effortless with this trick

And lastly – a way that you could enhance your future is to keep asking this question. Then give it up to your higher self to open up that potential for you.

What is possible beyond this reality is that if I allowed it now, could create the greatest possible future in the shortest amount of time?  And if I choose this could I create a life of total ease, total lightness, and total joy…. and so it is.

I am so grateful for you connecting with me by taking the time to read my missives, and I wish you the greatest joy over the holiday season.  Looking forward to sharing with you again in 2022.

Sending colourful, light filled blessings