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Now that you have had 2 months to begin integrating and practicing the techniques that could help you enter and maintain your energy in the 5th dimension, let’s take some time this month to expand it even further.

The 3rd dimensional energy was very much about Bi-ology (which means 2) and represented physicality and everything you had been focusing on to heal, enhance or maintain your physical body or physical reality.  We were taught that everything we project, and think about was magnetic and that we drew that same energy towards us – as a mirror.  If you can think about your past a little, you will get confirmations of this in many ways.

When living in chaos, trauma and drama – did we not create more and more of the same, until you literally feel like you want to either explode, or disappear onto a deserted island where you can hide away from it all.  If I look back on my life I can cringe at how many times I turned down what may have been amazing opportunities because I was just too overwhelmed and busy to take on another thing.

What if … there are other dimensional aspects of ourselves that have chosen the paths we think we have rejected… so that in fact, we are experiencing them all in the same time and space as we are in right now.  This is a totally new and interesting concept to think about (we will explore more of this in future newsletters).  The trick is that as we become more entrained in the 5th dimension, we will be able to tap into those other aspects of ourselves, to learn from and to share what we have learned, integrated and mastered.

The 5th dimension holds the energy of tri-ology, and the trinity holds the answers to our next evolutionary step forward.  This knowledge is already inside of us, and we just have to remember how to pull back the veil to tap into the truth that is already there.

Life will always be cycles of highs and lows, ups and down, and when we begin to anchor more and more in the 5th dimension, and begin to master it; we will enjoy the ups to the fullest while knowing that we have the power to get through the downs with ease.

So stop the self judgement and regret… and start acknowledging the gift you are right now.  You are pure magic, pure light and pure potential.  Breath this knowing into every part of your being, and exponentialise it to support everyone and everything…

Here is a wonderful visualisation you can do to anchor this process:

Anoint your body with the Violet Light Matrix oil, and find a comfortable position to do this meditation.

See yourself lying in a beautiful lavender field or floating on your back in a warm pool filled with lavender coloured liquid (lavender/violet is the colour of transformation).  See light entering through the top of your head and filtering into every corner of your brain – awakening the dormant cells and neural pathways of the brain.  Visualise tracing the light through those pathways and firing up more and more neural pathways.  You may begin to see geometric forms of light, activate and move.  Spinning and floating at the same time – like overlaying layers of movement at different tempos and timing… spend some time on this, and when you are ready let’s move to the next level…

Draw this light of knowing from your head – down into your heart and feel the expansiveness this brings to your heart chakra.  Feel it glowing and growing as this brilliant light begins to heal the heart of all past disappointments, judgements  and rejections.  Don’t focus on the issues in any way – simply notice where they have created restrictions or limitations deep within the heart chakra itself – you will know where they are – just trust yourself… and allow the same movements, shapes and pure light to awaken and heal those dense areas in the heart chakra…

And finally let us now invite the higher self to participate in this visualisation.  See the light of your higher self as a brilliant crystal above you, forming the top point of a triangle (trinity). The higher self knows it all and requires no awakening or healing, simply an acknowledgement and an invitation to participate and support the conscious work you have begun.  Allow that higher state of conscousness to pour its supportive light into both your crown and heart chakras, solidifiying and anchoring the changes your have intitiated.

And now see that triangle morph into a pyramid of light and draw light energy into it so that it expands to the size of the room you are in – anchor the pyramid of light into that space…  And now imagine filling the pyramid with even more and more light and energy until it expands to the size of your office building or home… and now expand it enough so that it covers the entire suburb that you live in …  then your city… your country and then expand it enough to encompass the entire planet.  Invite healing and light to every being on the planet and to the earth itself.  Hold it there for as long as it takes, and then leave the pyramid locked in place as you bring your awareness back into your physical body and the room.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Record yourself reading the visualisation part of this missive, so that you can listen to it regularly (even while sleeping), and let’s see how we can change the reality on the planet. What if many of us around the world could do this regularly… would this help the earth and all its beings shift into the 5th dimensional reality with us?  What else is possible beautiful beings?

Another awesome resource to help you on this journey (with thanks to Steve Nobel):

Listen to Rainbow Bridge Transmission: Upgrade Your Chakra System to 5D. https://soundcloud.com/conscious-media/rainbow-bridge-transmission-upgrade-your-chakra-system-to-5d

As you remember the light within yourselves, and you share it with the world – you become even more magical – know this and honour the gifts you have.

Until next time…  Blessings and light be with you always