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The colour gold tends to catch the eye as it can give one a sense of being rich and adventurous.

It is cousin to the colour yellow and brown and is associated with enthusiasm, courage, contentment, and wisdom. It is also a precious metal that is associated with wealth, grandeur and prosperity, as well as sparkle, glitz and glamour.

It is the ultimate in illuminated colour and enhances many things around it. It is linked to masculine energy and the power of the sun.  Gold inspires knowledge, spirituality, understanding and enlightenment. It can, however, lead one to ego conflicts and feelings of futility.  Read more about how gold affects you personally here

Positive aspects:  It can be used to balance energy fields and it can provide composure and stability to the emotional system.

Negative aspects: Being encompassed by an excess of gold can lead to pretentiousness and self-importance.  How focused are you on your quest for prominent power and impact?  Remember, there are other areas in life that need just as much attention.


gold7Many people don’t like to use the colour gold for decorating the interior of their homes as they think it’s too pretentious but sometimes it can be a good thing to let the sun shine in by designing, for example, an upbeat bedroom with gold accents that lifts spirits from dawn past dusk.  Use shades of gold to off-set white or cream curtains or wooden painted decorative pieces.   If you are want to make an impact, consider wallpapering the wall behind the headboard to fashion a much-needed focal point.

Since gold naturally casts a warm glow, think of golden silk pillows on your bed or couch.  Metallic gold accessories and gold-threaded fabrics introduce a sense of luxury and affluence to the room.

Cheerful, welcoming and very popular, the colour gold is used often in feng shui to attract abundance.


gold9Wearing gold in everyday life increases personal power and promotes courage, confidence and willpower. It also creates a mood of success, elegance and opulence.  Nothing is more striking than a gold evening dress, and for daytime find a beautiful gold coloured scarf or tie and notice how that makes you feel.

Did you know that wearing Gold jewellery has a masculine/Yang association whereas Silver is linked to the feminine principle?  What are you more attracted too, or what do you require more of in your life?  The strength and directness of the male, the gentle fluidity of the female, or a combination of both where the yin and yang elements are in harmony?



add-headingUsing the Gold Oil of Transformation would be highly supportive if you would like to invite the energetic support in a more tangible way.  All the oils address the emotional issues we have not dealt with, and when easing those, it positively affects the physical body as well.

So… if you tend to procrastinate and put things off till another time, then this oil is perfect for you.  It teaches you that you have so much to offer and uncovers the jewels within, so you can truly shine.  It helps you to understand and address phobias, and invites you to get in touch with your own deep knowing.

It benefits the nervous system by improving the ability to transmit information.  It helps the digestion system, the bladder and can support hormonal and chemical imbalances.

Rub it around your hip area twice a day, or add to your bath and soak, enjoying the nourishment it brings to your entire body (awesome for the winter dry skin).  I use it instead of a night cream and my skin loves it.