Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

My year started with the most incredible adventure. I feel so very blessed on so many levels. My year began with an adventure journey to France, where I connected with incredible people. I also did some deep karmic clearing.

I was invited to spend a few days in Lyon with Ann-Sabine. Ann-Sabine is a distributor of my divine oils and sprays in France. We had so much fun … We laughed, walked, talked and laughed some more.  We also enjoyed wonderful french food nurturing our bodies.

Allowing the energy of receiving

I did a talk to a room full of the most charming people from all over the world, including Tahiti. How did I get to be so lucky? And the best thing of all this trip, was that I fully embraced and allowed the energy of receiving. The energy of receiving created a space for the gifts to keep flowing  From people who traveled for miles to see me and even reconnected with my very special opera star from Australia.  Liz, how wonderful to see you and to meet your truly special family.  I feel so very blessed that we were in the same country at the same time.  Divine synchronicity.

I attended the Advanced 3 day Body class training with the head of Access Consciousness – Gary Douglas

Gary Douglas and I played for 3 days with body processes that can literally blow your socks off.  These extremely powerful processes are additions to the Access Bar’s work.  The Bars clears past patterns and programs from the mind. Access Bars is done by simply cradling the head for an hour. Cradeling the head for an hour deletes files that no longer serve you.  The Body processes are different, in that by calling them up and holding the space to allow them to activate, you begin to communicate with and remind the cells of their truest potential.  Mmmmm…  too yummy and I had a very happy body after gifting and receiving these for 3 days.

I lost my voice directly after the training.  I had 3 days of sightseeing planned and was not going to let a dumb cold hold me down, so in the wind, sleet and rain I went. For three days I stomping the streets and revisited my roots.  Finding the unfinished threads so that I could release any unfinished business….  (we wont even go into the energy I picked up in Notredam… suffice it to say that it was my last stop on my journey).

The depth of my silent voice

I did not realize how deep the voiceless me went. When I  returned to South Africa my assistant had lost her voice the day I arrived, and Toni – my beautiful chef who prepares such wonderful lunches for my courses, had lost hers when she read a WhatsApp message I sent her.  Toni shared that she felt I had been healing all those women out there, who were unheard through the ages. Whew!!  No pressure!!

So now I am back – all my bodies are back and so is my voice…  And I can feel how different I am, and this is confirmed when I look around me, and things are different.  Have you ever noticed a building that was not there before?  Or scenery that is either not familiar, or very familiar even if you have never been there before?  This is a confirmation of a reality shift – either a raise in consciousness or stepping onto a new timeline.  Sounds weird, I know, but hey… how much easier could it get than that?  On the way home from the airport I noticed many differences and loved this confirmation.

I am so excited about what this year will bring, and jumped straight into teaching the day after I arrived.  The course was pure magic, and the energy and light in the space and in each person just blew us all away.

The next step is the Access Bars training on the 17th of February and then straight into teaching the Antaneea Technique.

The next step is the Access Bars training on the 17th of February and then straight into teaching the Antaneea Technique.  These 2 modalities work so beautifully together.  The Bars clear the mind chatter, which stops us from re-creating the same stories over and over, while the Antaneea Massage is the most gentle loving vibration the cells in your body could ever ask for.  The body is lovingly massaged for 90 minutes, using 3 series of light-filled oils, together with the sound vibrations from the xylophone I developed… sheer bliss on all levels… and this modality removes anything no longer required from the cells of the body…  The 2 modalities together offer both a brain and body re-set and re-boot….  how yummy does that sound?

I would love to share either of these modalities with you – so please feel the energy of them, and if you get an excited YES in your being – then please do join us, no previous experience is needed to attend these workshops.  AND if your body is crying for the loving nurturing touch – we have a team of amazing therapists waiting to support you. Please click on the therapist’s link and choose.

Hoping to connect with you sometime soon.

Colourful blessings