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Many years ago a dear friend of mine told me about a journey she took in France; where she walked in Mary Magdalene’s footsteps.  When I heard this I just knew that this is something I had to add to my bucket list…  Spirit works in amazing ways, and about 3 years ago I met an amazing lady called Ann-Sabine Lacroix, who conducts these journeys…. and last month I was very blessed to join one of them.

I posted it in my newsletter at the end of last year, and most of the small group attending came from South Africa.  It started off with such ease, that even our flights were unbelievably supportive – I had 3 seats to myself – to spread out and sleep in comfort.

The first day of our adventure took us to St Baume where we visited the cave that Mary Magdalene lived in for 30 years.  The walk started gently through the most beautiful forest, then then slowly become steeper until we got to the grotto which is on a sheer cliff face.  The grotto is huge, very damp and cold and I wondered how she managed to live there for so long.  The entrance to the grotto is church like – which confirms that she would hold sermons during her time there.  Mary Magdalene is said to hold the divine and sacred feminine energy – which is purely heart centered.  Interesting how through the ages both she and her lineage have been negated and vilified.

After spending time in this sacred space – we climbed right to the very top to visit the little chapel.  Oh my… this tested all my strength and courage, as I am both unfit and petrified of heights.  After a struggle and many tears – I made it, and felt such a huge sense of achievement in doing so.  I was so very grateful for Ann-Sabine who was a truly supportive angel helping me to make it to the top.  Thank goodness too for all the Access Body processes that I have in my tooldbox.  I kept running a couple of them – and this helped tremendously with the cramps during the walks (10 – 14km’s per day) and the best thing was that I had very little stiffness the following day – How does it get better than that?

The 2nd day of our journey took us to the Camargue where on this special day  thousands of Europe’s Gypsies gather in one place to participate in the Gitan Pilgrimage. The legend has it that after the crusifiction of Jesus; Saint Sara, Saint Marie-Jacobé, and St Marie-Salomé  arrived here from Palestine giving this small seaside town its name—Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. There’s a medieval church in the town that is home to the statue of Sara-la-Kali or the Black Sara—the patron saint of Gypsies. Every year a  procession moves through the town with an effigy that represents Sara and led by men on horses.  They carry the statue to the beach and go into the water to re-enact their arrival, while other participants sing, play music, and dance.  After the statue is returned to the church, the celebration continues through the night. This event is a great illustration of Gypsy faith and culture.  We were fascinated by the vibrancy, devotion and passion they all had for their Saint.

Many of them wore traditional outfits and this is a time of reconnecting with family and friends and also for matchmaking.

We were fascinated by this couple who we were sure were being introduced to each other by a matchmaker.  Even more amazing was a photo that Marilyn took which shows a dimensional shift.  Take a look at her face below (it looks like only half of her face with another one behind it) – and also notice the line down the center – almost where the light and dark meet…  Do you think her mask slipped for that brief moment?

The rest of our journey was just as amazing.  A different town each day – with completely different landscapes and energies.  Each one a gift in it’s own right.  I had a fantastic experience in the cathedral in Carcassone – where I connected very tangibly with Christ’s energy.  The Cathars had all been brutally tortured and killed there by the jealous religious sect, and I had a sense that the energy I felt was a blessing bestowed upon those of us that had been there at the time – letting us know that it was okay and that we had all instantly shifted easily into the light – and that it was time to let go of the fear of persecution that so many of us still hold in the memories of our cells.

Our wonderful excursion ended in Lourdes, which was where Mother Mary’s apparition appeared.  She blessed the waters with healing energy and invited the sick to drink the water or be bathed in it for healing.  Because of this many many people come from all over the world.  Most in desperation or even to remain there until they pass.  Because of this – many people struggle with the energy in this town – which is filled with hotels and touristy shops.  We however spent most of our time basking in the reverence of the holy places, and the beauty of the immense mosaic works depicting Christ’s life were truly magnificent.

I brought some of holy water back with me, and am now using it in all of my angel sprays.  Using it has amplified the energy of the sprays considerably and some people have even noticed that they smell different.  I think it all depends on where you are in your life at the time.  For some it is a little daunting to handle the higher vibration, but I know it will help to hold us all gently as we make our transition into the 5th dimension.

Hope I have not bored you with my personal story.  If you are keen to join one of these life changing journeys – I can highly recommend Ann-Sabine Lacroix – her email address is:  An********@ho*****.com or follow her on instagram: marymagdalenejourneys

With divine love as always