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Olive – Positive Attributes:

The Earth Gift oil was birthed on the 4th April 2020 during the Covid Virus outbreak, it signifies how we have supported the earth, and it has supported us.  The colour mirrors the planet, all in perfect synergy.  This is a wonderful time of communion with the earth and our higher consciousness.  We are stepping into a new world where paradigms have shifted and the universe now bows to you, the awakened one, to step into and embrace this ‘New World’.

This oil invites a breakthrough both on an individual and cosmic level.  Use it if you want to invite a deeper level of connection OR if you are struggling with the challenges below.


Are you in fear of the future right now?  Fear of survival, fear of coping, fear of still having a job to go to or food to put on the table? Fear of death or losing others?  The hidden yellow within this oil addresses those fears and gently shifts you into the eye of the storm, the centre of the whirlwind where there is a peaceful stillpoint .

Shedding what no longer serves you, while you can quietly witness what is going on around you.

The lungs will be supported as you breathe in new life and new ideas to help support the new paradigms.  It will help you to hold the energy for those that are finding it difficult through this shift.

Other dimensional beings whisper though this bottle, asking you to go beyond this physical world and tap into Cosmic Consciousness.  Inviting accelerated healing and clearer sensory perception.

(Remember the challenges can be turned into positive attributes by using the oil)

Which product to use?

Choose to work with either the Light Matrix Olive (coloured or clear oil) or invite the presence of Archange Raphael into your space. This depends on where you are at, and which resonates the most with you. Using the product twice a day will help bring balance in the following ways:


Light Matrix Olive – Coloured

This oil connects us to the earth and the support she offers us during uncertain times. The plant oils included have all been chosen for their ability to support the immune system and particularly the heart, chest and lungs.  It opens the chest and releases phlegm with ease while leaving you feeling totally supported and protected.

An added dimension to using it, is that it cracks open the heart. Shining the light on unfinished or unhealed issues, bringing them back into your awareness so that they can be healed. Be gentle with yourself as you may feel vulnerable and emotional while going this deep.

Use the coloured version of this oil if you are struggling, and cannot see a way out, or any hope for the future.  It offers Divine Guidance eases fear during a difficult time.

Rub it onto the chest, upper back, neck and face twice a day.

Light Matrix Olive – No Colour

Use this colourless oil if you are in a good and clear space, but would still like the support it brings. This is a wonderful time of communion with the earth and the gifts she has to offer. Notice how the earth is flourishing and regenerating with a knowing that we have the opportunity to do the same. The plant oils included have been chosen for their ability to support the immune system and particularly the chest and lungs.  It opens the chest and while leaving you feeling absolutely supported and protected.

It signifies that you have walked your path with ease and grace with an expanded conscious awareness of self and the planet. There is no more fear, only a sense of anticipation and excitement for what our future holds for us.

Rub it onto the chest, upper back, neck and face twice a day.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL –  Oil of Illumination

He is a powerful healer of physical bodies. He intervenes directly to promote healing, or offers guidance on which treatment or medication would best support the process.
Raphael is also the Angel of Abundance and governs the functions of focus and vision. Enhancing your ability to create through visualization – thereby co-creating perfect abundance. He dissolves the negative blocks which cause dis-ease, promotes health and healing to people and animals. Spirit release and space clearing.