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Earth Gift


Boosts the Immune system and opens the lungs.  True Divine Guidance for the fears during a difficult time.

Rub onto the chest, upper back, neck , forehead and temples 2 or 3 times a day.


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(Birthed during the time of Covid 19 – on 4th April 2020)  The Earth Gift oil signifies how we have supported the earth during this time, and how she, in turn, is supporting us. The colour mirrors the plants behind it – all in perfect synergy. This is a wonderful time of communion with the earth. The plant oils included have all been chosen for their ability to support the immune system and particularly the chest and lungs.  It opens the chest and releases phlegm with ease while leaving you feeling totally supported and protected.

An added dimension to using it is that it cracks open the heart. Shining the light on all unfinished or unhealed issues, bringing them back into conscious awareness so that they can be healed. Be gentle with yourself as you may feel vulnerable and emotional while going this deep.

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