Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

These divine oils move you past the need to hold onto your traumas, dramas and life stories.  They reflect the colour, and show a willingness to release, let go and move into a light filled reality.

The oils realign more strongly with the essence and energy of the spiritual being and help to re-build, re-energise and strengthen the energy of the light body so that the interface body between the soul and the physical body is held and nourished.

Overall, all the oils work as a practical aid, further support – and catalyst to – kundalini fire, practically and physically experienced within the human body, and grounding this energy. Grounding Divine into matter and making the Divine matter.  They can be used on the body or in the bath


This is an indication of the overall energy the Light Matrix oils carry.  Added to the information below, would be the specific vibratory support of the individual colours.

  • They all work to build and strengthen the light body.
  • Energises soul consciousness – in that they agitate the point of contact between the light body and the soul body – speeding vibrations up and breaking down density.
  • Use where there has been a depletion or weakening of spiritual life force energy, shock or trauma to the spirit.
  • Clears soul pattern scarring in the light body i.e. trauma that the soul is carrying from previous incarnations, which have the potential to hold the soul back or unnecessarily complicate the soul’s journey into truth.  This makes the soul’s path and goals in this lifetime more obtainable.
  • The oils support breakthroughs and ‘busting’ through non-physical barriers when the user just doesn’t know what is causing the blockage. This is because the blockage is so far from their consciousness – it’s held in the energy body, not the physical awareness. They help to create leaps of consciousness, in ‘breaking through’ these blockages or resistance.
  • Useful in terms of the soul which has gone through many incarnations and is tired and weighted down from carrying many memories or scarring.

To choose a colour that may support you – please click on the colour here, and you will be given even more support.

13 of these oils are used in the Antaneea massage together with sound harmonics and this is one of the gentlest and more beautiful treatments you could have.

Penni makes each bottle in a truly sacred process, incorporating crystal grids, sacred sounds, pyramids and loving vibrations.  Each one is a gift from her heart.