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Did you know that the number 2018 adds up to an 11?  11 is a master number and the mastery we are talking about is mastering yourself.  No 1 is you, the individual and then adding the mirror to it doubles the 1…  What this means is that at all times, you will need to be aware that what you create this year will be a mirror of what you are feeling, seeing, perceiving, projecting and then ultimately receiving.  Whew!!!  Talk about pressure…

Yes the pressure is on you this year.  No more blaming, shaming or judging as it will all come back to you. Let go of the past, close the door firmly behind you, as dwelling on it keeps you feeling not good enough and ultimately leads to depression. If you feel like a victim – look within and see what you are doing to create this reality – as you are the cause of it.

Don’t step into the year fearfully, as again – you will invite situations that confirm the need to be in fear…  And dont set resolutions and expectations that you will find difficult to fulfil. Focussing on the long term is a sure way of making you feel anxious, stressed and self critical.

Just choose today, this minute – right now… what you would like to create in this 10 seconds.  Enjoy each and every moment – in the moment, and look for what could open your heart, what could invite more joy or peace into that moment.

For me, I am sitting in my study surrounded by my animals and feeling such pure joy and gratitude for the unconditional love they bring into my home.  I take a small bite of the spicy biscuit and savour the taste sensation in my mouth.  I gaze out the window and marvel at the play of light on the plants and delight in the birdsong.  This is my 10 seconds – how about yours?

My suggestion for you to have the best year ever is to place little reminders all over your home, car and office.  The post-it will have one word on it only… the word NOW… and each time you glance at it, simply close your eyes and be still  – focussing on what would make your heart sing in that moment.  It may be a need for peace and stillness in the midst of chaos, it may be a yearning for love – then wrap your arms around yourself and truly love the essence of you… it may be the need to feel appreciated and valued – again honour yourself…

This year dance more, laugh more, love more and above all – know that you are an infinite being with the capacity and ability to create magic and miracles in your life just by being YOU.

I look forward to inspiring you and hope to see you in my beautiful Divine Space too.

Colourful blessings always