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Where is time going?  I cant believe it is 6 weeks since I returned from my life changing journey to Turkey.  Every treatment that I give is taking twice as long, and yet feels like it has gone in the blink of an eye.  Time is certainly becoming more and  more malleable, and it wont be long before we are only in the present with no before, afters or inbetweens.

I would love to share the highlights of some of the amazing experiences I had while on the sacred journey to Turkey. The first leg of our journey took us to the ancient ruins of Gobeklitepe.  This was the highlight of the trip for me.  I had read about these ruins some years ago and just knew that I had to visit them sometime during my life.  This newly discovered site is about 10 000 – 12 000 years old and predates Stonehenge and the Egyptian Pyramids by 7000 years.  It is still unclear what it was – but some are convinced it was a temple.  It was hidden under a mound of earth and in the vacinity there are many more of the same potbelly shaped mounds.  Gobelitepe means potbelly – so who knows what else is still waiting to be uncovered.

When connecting with the site energetically – I felt a strong connection to the stars, and felt that it was created by star beings.  I also felt that at some point they had to leave and that this was done instantaneously in light ships, with the sites covered to protect the integrity of whatever they had anchored on the planet.  There are carvings on most of the stones and they are of ancient animals and ones that we can still recognise – this was absolutely fascinating, and worth the trip.  It is in Sanliurfa which is very close to the Syrian border.


Elizabeth Bardin was our guide on this journey and she is truly dynamite in a tiny package.  She carries a huge crystal weighing 17kg with her on all her excursions.

This crystal is a record keeper and communicates with her on what to do and where to go.  It is calling to go back to Gobelklitepe – so you will have another opportunity to join her later this year – if you are feeling the pull.

Another highlight for me was a visit to Izmir, where we visited the house where Mother Mary spent the last years of her life.  I always feel more connected in nature than in man made structures, and the surrounding forests and gardens held a gentle loving energy that truly embodies how I think of her.  I was so inspired by this that I painted her as an angel when we got back.


In the same area – we visited the ancient Ephesus, which was the second largest city on the planet – after Rome.  The immense structures and beauty of them was absolutely awe-inspiring.  The history in Turkey with the multi facteted architecture and structures just blew me away and made me realise what a young country South Africa is.

The last place I would love to share with you is Cappadocia, and boy did I know that I had spent many lifetimes there.  The terrain is very mountainous and are filled with caves.  The christians that fled from Israel used to live in these caves, where they hid away from the Romans who were determined to wipe them all out.  From caves to undergound cities – 4 stories tall, which are still used for storage.

The best for me though – were the elementals.  Again – just connecting to nature and enjoying not only the very strange rock shapes in the Valley of Imagination.


To the elementals at the Fairy Chimneys, which looked like giant mushrooms.  People lived in these structures too.  I felt more alive here, than I have ever before in my life, and could almost feel the memories unlocking as my body invited and absorbed the energy of this magical place.  At one point, I truly felt like I could fly, which you can see from the pic at the beginning of this article.


I have given you only a snippet of the amazing adventure I had with 6 other enlightend beings.  We laughed, cried and supported each other on all levels, and I am forever grateful for this experience and for sharing it with them.

On my return to South Africa, I knew that I was different.  It has taken me a long time to feel fully back in my body again.  My energy has changed and to align with that, my work is changing too.  I have a new symbol to energise my oils and sprays, which has exponentialised their potency hugely.  I have made a new spray which I call  Goddess Gaia.  It is olive in colour and is a truly divine connection with the earth and the elementals.  I have been using it to gently ground people after a treatment, and you can feel the roots extending from their feet into the earth.  I have always used the Red Earth Angel spray previously, and this is still relevant for those who are depleted and need the boost that the red offers.  The new one is a more harmonious and gentle connection to the earth, and it smells like a walk in the forest.

I will continue to develop new processes and workshops which align with the new me, for those that resonate with it, and look forward to sharing more of these as they unfold.

Until next time, sending you all abundant loving blessings