Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

This month, I would love to chat to you about a modality that is truly close to my heart and has been for many years.  I am constantly blown away by how insightful a colour reading can be.  This is not a psychic reading, but is more about what the client is ready and willing to hear, and this is determined by their own selection of colours.

To do a reading, I take the person into a gentle relaxation of the mind and body and then guide them to select 9 different bottles from my display.  They would choose from the Light Matrix range,  Angelic oils – called the Angels of Illumination and the Angel sprays.  Each item is displayed in both 50ml sizes and 15ml sizes, and each has it’s own unique message and way of supporting the person.

When choosing, the client has no idea what they are or what they represent – they are simply attracted to either the colour or the energy vibration.  They could select the larger bottles or the mini sizes, and it all tells a story.  When similar colours are chosen within the reading – this too gives insight in determining both what they may be going through in relation to the colour, as well as how they will deal with it in different aspects of their life.

Each of the 9 bottles represents a different part of their reality, and the colour associated with it will be a signpost that indicates whether they are mastering the issue, or have a blockage in relation to it.  The size of the bottle chosen also lets us know whether they are already working through the issue themselves, or perhaps is an indication of how they may be blocking their potential or what could come to them in the future, and in this case we would work through their deservability issues.

The reading is multi-faceted, and multi-layered, and when you really understand colour – you can begin to see how the messages in the colours unfold – bringing deeper insights.  The clients are always amazed by the accuracy of the reading.  This is a counselling opportunity and the more willing they are to contribute and share, the deeper we are able to go.

This is my favorite way of connecting with new clients, as it gives us both plenty time to connect, and for me to get to know them on a very deep level.  It also gives them the opportunity of sharing their story, so I can know which is the best way to support them going forward. It is so seldom that people are able to truly open their hearts and souls and talk to someone who is impartial with no judgment, bias or agenda.

The best thing about this session, is that we are not only uncovering the hidden secrets and awakening their true  potential, but also prescribing their remedy at the same time.  They would take 1 or 2 of the bottles home with them and when using the oils daily on their body, it begins to address and balance the underlying emotional issues they have been unwilling to address.  By gently supporting the body in this way – it releases the emotions and very often eases physical symptoms at the same time. (I believe that most physical ailments have an emotional cause).

I have had the most wonderful reactions to both the readings and the use of the products, please take some time to read a few of them in the testimonial section.

I manufacture all these products myself, and make sure that I am in a good space and my energy is completely clear and bright when making them.  This is a huge responsibility, as I know that if I am going through issues these would be infused in the products, and I would be taking responsibility for this.  Working with the new 5th dimensional energy has been amazing, and I can feel this new lighter energy being captured within the essences.  Anyone using them would benefit and be supported in letting go of the heaviness of the past with a willingness to step into the new dimension.

I would love to share this insightful way of working with you.  I teach this modality called The Magic of Colour once a year, and the next course is happening in August.  Would you like to include this in your healing practice, or even just for your own personal understanding of the psychological meanings of colour and how they affect you physically, emotionally and mentally.  You can then make different choices in your own or your family’s lives?  Come and play, or come for a colour reading and let’s change your perception and what you are willing to attract in your life.