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Hi there beautiful being.

As we start the new year, I would love to take you straight into a little process that is unfolding as I am typing this newsletter – so I am going to let it take a life of its own without too much analysis which always leads to paralysis (for me anyway).

Imagine standing on the top of a hill and look back at how far you have come.  The past year has been challenging for so many, where they felt like they had to carry their families, friends or employees on their backs as they crawl up that hill, one painful step at a time, struggling with each laboured breath.  If this was not your reality, then just imagine yourself witnessing others going thorough  this wrenchingly hard time of change, and open your heart to them, and, without judgment send them loving compassion.

Now, those on that journey – look ahead and what do you see?  The first thing that pops into your head is always a message from your higher self – so dont analyse it, just notice.  Are there more hills or mountains ahead waiting for you to climb them too?  Or is it a gentle downward slope?  If it is more of an uphill struggle, are you still carrying all those burdens or has the load got a little easier? What choices can you make in this 10 seconds that could initiate a more light filled journey going forward?  Again… don’t try to find the answer to this, just ask the question and give it up to your higher self to find a gentler path for you.

And of course, reality is always about duality, so for others the past year or two they seem to have been blessed.  Where things  have fallen into place and supported them with ease and grace.  Look ahead and see what is in front of you too.  Again, for those who have struggled, I ask you to witness this reality without judgement, jealousy or bitterness.  Open your hearts and send love to those souls who have easily reached the apex of the hill, because, we have all had the hills to climb, and the way we have done it has been part of our story.

When we initiate something, it is like a new game.  We design the board, the pieces and the rules.  Some games are fun and quick to play, and others are far more intense and take ages to get through.  Playing the game is the activation phase.  This is when we either master the game or struggle through it.  I remember watching the first Matrix movie 20 years ago at a time when I was going through a very difficult time in my life, and when I came out of that movie I really got the fact that we choose our reality/game and throwing my hands up in the air I visualised throwing the game away and remember saying that I am changing the board, players and rules as it was not working for me the way I had set it up – and you know what – things began to get easier and to change in a more positive way.  For me – that first Matrix movie was a real game changer.  (sadly the others have not been anywhere near as powerful).

I digress…..   Let’s get back to the process.  Take your attention back to what you see in front of you as you are standing on top of the hill?  It it still the same or has it changed somewhat? What are you choosing?  More of the same struggle or can you now see something different?  What if you could tap into many hills surrounding you where others that have got to the top of their hills with ease.  Imagine seeing those people filled with light and illuminating it all around them – like lighthouses.  As you open your heart to them allow their light to fill your heart, and in fact your entire being.  You are drawing their light into every cell and molecule of who you are – as they are connecting with you too.  How does that feel?  Are you resistant or blocked to receiving what they have to offer you? Perhaps you are you stuck in your victim story and cant let it go?  Do you feel like absorbing their light is not enough and that you deserve or expect more?  More financial or physical support?  What if that is all just an illusion?  Tap into the magic they have, their ability to transform situations to their own will.  You can do this too if you are willing to receive in this way.  This is so much more powerful than receiving handouts that ease things for a short time.

And to those magical lighthouse beings who are shining so brightly, You have walked the long spiritual path.  Learning absorbing and mastering – honing your skills and tools, and this too has not been an easy journey.  For so many of us we started at a time when people thought we were insane and judged us for our ways of thinking and living.  We too have been through the dark night of the soul, and through hard work and perseverance we have got to be where it now looks easy to others.  Sure – some come from wealthy backgrounds (lucky them), but there are so many of us who create magic because we have worked on ourselves, learned not to dwell on the drama, and to expect miracles…..  The more we are now willing to ‘gift’ to others –  sharing not only our physical stuff, but more importantly, what we have learned and what we have to offer, to assist those who are struggling – the more we open to receiving even more.

So…  in closing – Imagine standing straight and proud with your heart wide open.  Allow the light from others to beam brightly into your heart and be willing to gift your light to others –  creating a beautiful reciprocal flow of gifting and receiving.  Give the gift of kindness, compassion, tolerance, patience, friendship, a warm smile or even just letting someone in while sitting in the traffic. There are so many ways we can ALL tap into this energy – to change our worlds.

And then you can choose your way forward.  Would you like to remain on that hill as a beacon of light to support others, or would you like to move forward.  Remember it is your choice whether to take an easy downward slide down the hill or to climb even more mountains.  Just keep holding the light in your heart and beam it out to others in whatever choice you make, and continuously keep looking for even the smallest things that you can be grateful for. Gratitude affects your vibrational frequency and opens the door for more good things to come into your life.

Doing this can help your shift into the 5th dimension – where life is so much easier.

May you be blessed beyond your wildest expectations.


PS:  It has taken me 30 years of deep inner work to get where and I am now, and I still have a long way to go.  We are all human, and it takes commitment, focus and dedication to keep the light shining.  I use the products that I make daily to help me on my path and they are available to support you too.  I also teach various courses where I share what I have learned and developed, to help others on their paths.  If you feel inspired to walk with me or my team of therapists – we are here to support you.