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Spring is here at last, and even though we are still experiencing cold snaps, I have noticed people beginning to emerge from their hibernation.  With all the intensity we have gone through in the past 2 months – it was the perfect time to slow down, hibernate and allow the shifts to integrate within our bodies and our lives.

And now – just like the blossoms emerging, so we are popping our heads out as well.  I would love to share a few tips you can follow to keep aligned with the new emerging energy in the 5th dimension.

Firstly, let your mind run wild and dare to dream.  Write down all the new ideas you will intuit, even if you dont follow through with them immediately – know that the more you anchor them, the more they will expand and grow… and these are messages from your higher self – so please dont ignore them.  As you align with them it opens up to wonderful new potential for you and your future.  However please know that once they are in the morphogenic field – if you don’t use it – others will pick up on the energy and run with the ideas.  No more procrastination because if you snooze you will loose the opportunity to create something unique and awesome.

You may also be aware of your physical body changing – and part of this change is that eventually the 2 halves of our brain will become one.  Dreaming and putting those dreams in action will speed this up.  The left and right sides of the brain have up until now; been very different, but what if an integration of both is the new way forward.  Where we have the ability to be creatively inspired and at the same time have the skills to put that creativity into action in a whole new way.  This is where we are literally integrating our vision of our spiritual ‘home’ and instead of yearning to return to it – we can begin to manifest this vision here and now on earth, using our innate sense of knowing. When enough people have adjusted to this deep core physiological change it will affect every creation in life and it will be seen in the future as an evolutionary jump….  how awesome is that and what if we can create this in our lifetimes?

One thing that is deeply true for me is that true power comes from being totally in harmony – with yourself, with others, and with our environment.   This precludes all competition, as competition is the ego’s way of holding onto things in case you dont have enough – and hey….if you think that way – then you will create that lack in your life anyway.  Be happy for what others are creating, be inspired by what you see and ask them for help if they have skills or a vision that you lack.  The more we can make space for people to harmonise with us, the more magic we can create together.  I love seeing and helping people grow.  If truly feeds my soul to know that they have taken my teachings and can outshine me with the tools.  As long as the work is being represented and can change people’s lives – it does not matter how they heard about it.  Honour each other and together we can amplify our creations to make a lasting difference on the planet.

And of course, stop trying to fit in and following the crowd.  We have been taught not to rock the boat, but what if that rocking is what would change the course we have plotted and planned for our lives.  When we walk with the crowd, we get lost in it and our light dissipates and now is the time to stand out, be seen and to shine brightly.  Let your curiosity guide you and be open to looking for alternatives.

I have been chatting to people recently who have been asking me how they can find the light that I often speak about. Always remember that you carry the light you have been searching for, within you – so stop trying to find it from the outside.  It is in the core of you, and has been building over lifetimes and within the different dimensional aspects of ourselves too.

I believe that we have 11 different dimensional aspects of ourselves – each one fulfilling a different aspect of life.  So one of us will be single, another happily married with children, another may be a traveller, or a nun or a doctor… etc… Each one looks similar (how many times have you been told that you have a twin?)  We all have the same goals in life, the same sense of humour and outlook, but each one is looking at life from a different perspective and even a different part of the world.  How cool is that?  The 12th dimensional aspect of ourselves is the higher self which overlights us all – almost like the pole in the maypole, with each of the 11 ribbons being a different colour – which connects to a different path or existance.  We will explore more of this in future newsletters, as I am busy developing and playing with ways that we can tap into these different aspects to guide us in mastering our lives.

Until then – stop following the rules that no longer serve you..  Restrictive beliefs hold you back and challange you in the 5th dimension, go find your passion and move in that direction.  Notice what makes you light up and brings a smile to your heart.  It may not make you money yet – but the enjoyment you imbue will open doors for you beyond your imagining.  Have fun in every moment and play well together.