Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

How have you all been doing the past few months with all the magic in the air? The energy has been very intense since our last chat. There have been many have had extreme highs and lows. Sometimes all in one day.  One thing I have become very aware of. iIs how quickly we have been creating whatever we give attention to. Trust me, this can be both a blessing and our biggest lesson.

Let me give you a little example from my own life story:

When we went into level 3 lockdown, I knew that so many people were struggling and taking a huge strain. That my treatments could be a great contribution to them. The minute I decided to open my practice again, I was flooded with bookings. Witnessing the most amazing shifts as people invited the lightness back into their beings.  This came with such ease. I had not even sent out emails to let people know that I was back in business again. They just called out of the blue. Both existing clients and new ones.  I also knew with every fiber of my being, that the products that I make would be of benefit too. Lo and behold internet orders started increasing for the first time this year.  I have been sending them far and wide both locally and internationally.  I felt truly grateful and blessed.  So what is the point you may ask…

Here is the interesting thing.

I have just returned from a week’s rest at the coast. Then a few days before I left Johannesburg. I had the brief thought that things needed to slow down. That I would not be here to offer my usual support and quick service.  With immediate effect. The phone stopped ringing. Both bookings and orders came to a standstill.  ‘All perfect’ was my thought process. This has given me the time and space to relax and have fun without getting stressed about not being readily available.  Talk about instant magic and manifestation.

This is truly what occurs when you are immersed in the 5th-dimensional energy.

Everything is light and easy and happens in the blink of an eye.  And this can only be invited when we are not sitting in lower fear-based energy.  The moment we listen to doom and gloom about the state of the country, politics, 2nd waves, fear of the future, or any other dramas. We cut ourselves off from the 5th dimension. Then everything begins to slow down and be a heavy struggle once more.  Remember this. it is just as quick and easy to invite abundance and support as it is to invite lack, trauma or drama. it is all determined by your own focus and belief system.

If you do not resonate with the terminology of the 3rd and 5th dimensions

Then look at it from this perspective.  You could either be stuck in the heaviness and density of your body and the so-called reality on the planet right now, or you can expand your energy and conscious awareness out into the universe and tap into and invite unlimited possibilities.  When doing this we begin to realize that we are so much more than our physical bodies and limited experiences.

What if we are huge conscious beings that have chosen these little bodies to come and play in and with for this brief moment in time? See your body as having its own awareness and needs – which may be different from our Soul’s choices.  What do we do with that? In the past, I had tried squashing myself into this little body and judging it for how it looked, feels, and how it had expanded to fit me.  We were never friends and I never asked it what it required. Can you relate to this?

So much has changed for me since I accepted that I actually chose this body

With all its imperfections and foibles I am so much more than this too. I will forever be grateful for the Access Consciousness. It taught me to open my perception and awareness. More than I ever thought was possible. Every now and again I forget or get brought back into my body by other people’s judgments or ideas and then I instantly feel the density again and the need to control and change it…. (how heavy does that feel hey?)  To shift this, I have to become still, find my center and peace and remember who I am again – a huge universe light being (just as you are).

So what energy are you choosing to play in from this moment forward? We have so many possible timelines – and it all depends on us which one becomes our reality.  Let’s awaken the magic within and invite more fun, joy, and expansiveness. How about trying some candlelight?

I have done a youtube video to guide you through the visualization to EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUS AWARENESS.  Hope you enjoy it, and I would love your feedback, please.

Until next time, rainbow sparkles are sent your way