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I have been sitting staring at my computer screen for about a week now, waiting endlessly waiting to feel inspired to write something profound for the newsletter this month, and what am I getting – NOTHING!!!!

It is like I am in a holding pattern at the moment, in a blank space of just being.  So what does that mean to me?  Perhaps it is time now to unclutter in order to make space for the new.  Uncluttering my thoughts, my emotions and the judgements I have on myself to perform, to show up and to be there for everyone.

Who put those expectations on me?  I DO IT TO MYSELF!

Eish… so much pressure and for what? Can you resonate with this too?  What expectations do you place on yourself that keeps you in a tailspin?

What if we are being asked to be present and accountable in each moment.  Just show up, listen (I mean really listen) to your children, family, friends and your clients.   How much do we presume, think we know and jump in with our interesting points of view – that may redirect the conversation away from the actual issue in the first place.  I remember my daughter saying to me once (not so long ago), that all she wanted was me to listen, hug her and be a mom – not to be her therapist.  At the time this hurt me lot; as I had put such value on being a therapist and wanting to support and guide her; but what if she was right all along?  Thank you for that lesson my darling child, I hear you and honour you for your courage in letting me know what you required from me.

Another thing I have noticed is that in the midst of everything going on around me, I have been able to remain calm and unaffected.  So much so, that I noticed someone on my Divine Space facebook page place viscous comments in the name of religion…. and I did not react.  If he is unable to see the light that surrounds everything that i do, and that it always comes from the heart – then it is him (not me) who is demonic and awaiting ‘Gods” wrath.  He slated each one of my posts included the Light Matrix oils as being tools of the devil, and all I can do in this case is feel sorry for him.

I know that I am guided by the light in everything that I do and would love to share a little of my journey with the products that I make.  My range began with the Oils of Transformation in 2001, and each bottle had a different jewel-like colour, which resonated with different parts of the body and different emotions.  I run a workshop called The Magic of Colour, which guides people in how to do a deeply insightful colour reading by their choice of colours.  The colour reading entails you choosing 9 bottles from the entire range, and each bottle represents a different part of your life.  It is so interesting to see where the person’s gifts and potentials are, as well as what blocks these from coming into fruition.  This is a fantastic counselling session and gives the person the opportunity to really get to know themselves at that point in time, while giving them remedies to use to unblock the hurdles.

I had 3 ranges of different products that they would choose from:  The coloured ‘Oils of Transformation’, and a range of both Angelic Oils called the ‘Angels of Illumination’ , and a selection of Angel sprays.

Then a few years ago, I kept getting the message that I needed all my products to be 100% ‘green’.  Now the only part of my range that was not 100% natural was the colouring.  I stewed over this for about a year.  Loath to remove the colouring as I was known as the ‘colour lady’, when one day I woke up with a clear knowing of how to do this.

I was guided to use one of my symbols which has a beautiful high vibration, as the base for various different coloured stickers which would be placed on the bottle.  The stickers would be clear so the colour would be drawn into the oil and refelcted back out again.  So about 3 years ago the ‘Light Matrix’ oils were birthed.  This meant that there were now 4 ranges to choose from when doing a colour reading, and it was so interesting to see which product was chosen in which position.

One thing I became aware of was that where the Oils of Transformation was chosen – it indicated deep past trauma and drama, and that the person was resistant to releasing this, whereas the choice of the Light Matrix oils showed a willingness to let go of the past so they could step easily and effortlessly into a higher vibration.  These 2 ranges ran side by side for 3 years until earlier this year, when the colours started changing and becoming unstable.  At first I panicked and tried everything I knew to stabilise them; and then again a deep sense of knowing told me to let go of that entire range.  For those of you with adult children you will know how I feels being told to let go of my babies, but I had to trust my guidance (even though I had just printed 4000 new brochures).

So what does this mean when doing a colour reading?

No more hiding, no more holding onto the past, no more procrastination.  Now is the time to let go of the past and all the stories we have carried for so long.  If you are ready to change your life, your reality and your future then this level of guidance could be exactly what you are waiting for.  Use them on your body, or as a bath oil and watch the magic happen.

Most people have welcomed the change and understood the reasoning behind it, and even those who were resistant are slowly coming around.  Once they use the new range – they could feel the difference for themselves and notice the difference in their lives.

I saw someone recently who mentioned that she uses the oils all over her wet body when she finishes her morning shower.  This both moisturises her body so she does not have to use cream on it, while at the same time offers her invaluable support and strength to get through her day.  How does it get better than that?  I took her suggestion and have been doing the same over the past few days and it is simply divine.

If you would like to find out more on how to do colour readings, I run the Magic of Colour training once a year – and it will be run over the first 3 saturdays in July.  It gives a lot of insight into the healing properties of colour and is a fantastic addition to any therapy practice, and it is an invaluable support for yourself and your family.  You are welcome to join us.

Alternatively you could choose one colour that draws you from the chart on my website, and in this way – you can do a simple assessment for yourself.  We successfully post the bottles anywhere in the world, so dont hesitate to choose and try them out.

For the ultimate loving support, why not book an Antaneea treatment with one of the awesome therapists on my website.  This treatment uses 13 of the divine oils on the body in a series of 3 gentle massages in each treatment.  It is very different to anything you have ever experienced, and will be a true gift to yourself.

Please share your experiences in our facebook group – I love to hear from you, and get to know you in this way too.

Much love as always