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While violet combines the raw energy and strength of red with the honest spiritual inquiry of blue. This means that we come to a beautiful balance between our bodies and our souls when we seek the support of violet. We are grounded and secured by red, while feeling safe and contemplative from blue’s influence.

Additionally, violet has the highest vibrational energy of all colours. I hope you will come join me on a course one day at my Academy to learn more about the effects of vibrational energy and the work we do with it within the colour therapy framework.

Artists, writers and musicians are often attracted to violet because of its imagination-stimulating properties. It is such a deeply individualistic colour, that it can’t help but get unique and creative thought processes started. It leads us into a land of fantasy at times, and so you can just imagine the way in which visionary ideas are supported by violet.

Violet Decor

violet-mysteriesMedium shades of violet are often used in academic institutions as they inspire intellectual thought and achievement. It is also a great colour to use in places where we make judgment calls – perhaps a person in the legal profession or a teacher’s office where one will be marking exam papers.

Violet  encourages natural youthful imagination and helps to keeps you feeling balanced. It also inspires the best of intent and so fosters a generous, giving spirit.

As a colour which encourages spiritual evolution, violet is often found in places of worship. It is mystical and psychically powerful. People who are particularly violet-inclined will always be interested in spiritual growth. Violet asks for compassion and kindness, and inspires a genuine love for animals and all humanity.

Meditative Moments

violet-quietnessIt is a frequent complaint of modern life that our days flash by at lightning speed. We may feel that we are constantly flitting from one moment to the next, hoping for a satisfaction that we just can’t seem to find. The answer is meditation.

Before you say that the idea of meditation is too daunting to even allow yourself to try, consider this: meditation is so much more than the yogi sitting as still as a rock, lost in thought. At its heart, meditation is about appreciation, and appreciation is the first step to living a satisfying life. When we learn to appreciate the value of something – from the joy we feel at a stranger’s unexpected smile that we can’t help but return, to winning a big campaign at work that we put many hours and much creativity into – then we start to experience the moments of fulfillment we yearn for.

If you’d like to start a daily meditation, try starting small. Put a tin of dog food in the SPCA cart at the supermarket and take a moment to think of the difference you are making in an animal’s life.

Genuinely thank a colleague for their hard work in assisting you, and realise the respect they are giving you in doing so. Notice the changes in the season on your drive home, and fully experience the enjoyment the beauty of it brings to you.  These are all meaningful moments of meditative appreciation, and violet is the colour that will support you in these goals.

Violet Fashion Infusion

violet-fashionIf you have an important decision to make, you should wear violet. Violet is about intuition, introspection and deep contemplation. It inspires a levelheaded nature and better judgment – always for the greater good. It is also a colour devoid of ego and encourages the sensitivity required to analyse all aspects of a situation. The harmony of body and mind present in violet contributes to mental balance, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your task. A negative side of violet can be a tendency to cynicism, but sometimes that’s just what you need to see the situation from both sides and so make the best decision.

Violet heightens our sensitivity to beauty and creative arts. You will be more open to accepting unusual creative ideas if you wear a dash of violet. Linked to this is the way in which violet will assist you when you are yourself attempting to creatively execute an idea. Violet inspires individuality and brings out our unique selves, and will help you to think of unusual and new answers to old questions.

Violet is a colour also known to even out low moods. If you experience undue stress and anxiety, lack of confidence or depression, you will find that some violet in your wardrobe may help lift your mood. It has a positive influence on your feelings of self-esteem. The next time you have a stressful day ahead, make sure to add a little violet to your outfit to bolster your emotional strength.

Finally, a great time to wear violet is when you need to reconcile with someone. Violet is wise, sensitive, and humble.  It also asks for respect in return. When in a positive state, it will encourage selflessness and a positive attitude to future endeavors. However, please do make sure reconciliation is truly what you wish for.

If This Is Your Colour

You are an intuitive person who seeks meaning in life. You imagine how you want life to be rather than seeing how it is. You are sensitive and love the unconventional, deal with adversity well, and enjoy being needed. Do be careful of being taken advantage of. You will often be known as a free spirit.

If This Isn’t Your Colour

You are likely a realist and you live firmly in the present. You will prefer to conform to society and its ideals rather than stand out from the crowd. You may also have a tendency to be very practical and grounded, and not too interested in developing your spiritual side.

Healing With Colour

The Violet Flame of Transformation Angel Spray brings a quick burst of gentle, healing energy into a room. It does not deal with deep-seated issues, but will instantly raise the vibration in a room for two to three hours. It calms inner disquiet and wraps us in a feeling of protection.  An excellent tool to help you go deeper into prayer or meditation.

If you are experiencing grief or going through a time of transition, the Violet Oil of Transformation is the perfect supportive tool for you.  The Divine Space oils are made with  a base of macadamia oil with a perfect balance of 7 essential oils, crystal energy, sound vibration and mantras.  They are made with the highest intent, love and gratitude.

There is more information to be found about the Violet Path by clicking here. If you are excited by anything you have read here, please come join us one one of our courses.