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Did you feel the intense energy during the eclipse last week?  I felt it far stronger than ever before and everyone around me seemed to say the same….  Many were exhausted, irritable and explosive all rolled into one, and then that huge sigh of relief as it passed overnight.  What if all those feelings – were the ones we had been suppressing over eons, and it was time to bring them to the surface – so they could be released and let go of for good… see the gift in that and be willing to embrace a new transformed you that has less baggage to deal with.

As we play more in the 5th dimension we begin to realise that even though there will always be highs and lows (because that is life after all), we dont allow the lows to stick us as much, being willing to sit back and watch the interplays, like a movie on a screen, without them devastating us as they may have done in the past… and then really and truly enjoying the highs to the fullest.  And the best thing is – that as you change your attitude to life – so you invite others to do the same, pulling them into your vortex of higher energy so that their lives can also become easier.

And those that dont get you – and may think you are smoking something really strong – just know that just by them being in your space will impact their lives too – without you having to say anything to convince them.  If they are ready on a subconscious level to make that shift – it will happen anyway – almost by osmosis.

I know that when I started my spiritual journey in 1993, people for many years did not get me.  I could visibly see their eyes rolling when I tried to explain the path I had chosen using colour to heal, and now… today… it has become acceptable and the shift for many is easy, effortless and instantaneous.  As with anything new – the first wave of people have to literally hack their way through the dense bush to create a path that others can easily follow – and that too is the soul’s choice. And some people will get you, and others will still resist and question everything – but you are planting the seeds anyway – for a time in the future when they can hear it.

My father thought I had totally lost the plot and questioned everything that I did and that I was.  It was only after his passing that he communicated with me to acknowledge the work that I was doing and to apologise for being so unsupportive.  And it was one very brief interaction that we had that made all the difference.  5 years before his death he asked me what my beliefs on death were – and I enthusiatically said that I believed we returned home and had total freedom, and that I did not fear death in any way.  At the time he looked at my Mom and they both sighed and rolled their eyes (again!!).  A few months after his passing, he came through in a channeling and reminded me of that conversation, saying that he remembered it and it changed his mind from believing he was going to just be worm food – to a more expansive possibility.  He was now with his mother studying the Bagavagita… seriously …. my atheist father???  This taught me that we do not have to change or convince anyone, live your life in truth and integrity, speak your truth when asked and know that if it is meant to make a difference – it will. It is not your job to change others – but gently plant the seeds, share your gifts and then let go of the outcome.  In that way you are entraining the light around you, without excluding anyone.

Spend time focussing on what you are passionate about, and remember that whatever you give attention to.. will grow.  Love and fear both originate from the heart centre, and we often create our greatest fear, because we dwell on it.  Change the vibration of the fear by turning it into a cartoon that you can laugh at – this will dissipate it, and remember that in the 5th dimension this can be done in a heartbeat – especially if you align your head, your heart and your higher self in the process.

In the 5th dimension the time-line of creation is much quicker. Focus on what you would like to create so that you entrain the particles to actualize the reality. The more you believe this, the more you can do it and you will become a walking master on the earth.  And when things are not working, check your head to see if there is something missing, then check your heart to see if there is something blocked or a fear you have not noticed or addressed, and finally check the higher self to see what the bigger picture is…. and THEN step back and follow your knowing.

Remember however that if your family or friends are in chaos – they need to do this for themselves.  You cannot fix it or put it in order for others.  You can only hold the light so that they can pick up on the harmony of your energy, and if they ask for guidance – then gently share what works for you – this gives them the opportunity to choose for themselves.

Hold no judgement, no matter how dark someone else is behaving, as you dont want to give this any energy – simply notice, see chaos as an opportunity for creation, breathe through it and walk away.  No matter how dense we think things are.. when we are in touch with our own sensitivities, and are in harmony – our perceptions shift and things dont bother us in the same way.

Dare to dream, let your mind run wild and this will open you up to aligning with a new potential, and this will affect what and how you create in the future.

Play lightly and easily in this energy and invite the magic of colour into your life during this month. Connect with any of the therapists on my website and allow them to support you and your body with colour, light and sound in the divine Antaneea treatment, see where you are at with a colour reading or have your Bars run regularly to empty your busy mind.  By being willing to ask and receive support this will help you to align to the miraculous new YOU.

I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Colourful blessings