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I have been working at finding some inspiration to share with you all this month, but have got so stuck with all the negativity surrounding the lack of electricity, and could not get past that… so I think it is important to look at the status quo in a new ‘light’ (scuse the pun).

When someone undermines you and takes away your power – how do you react?  Mostly our first response is to flip our lids, demand and react.  Is this helpful, or does this kind of response just create an equal reaction, with everyone getting defensive and making excuses. Everyone becomes heated, tempers flare and negativity abounds.

Does this sound like 5th dimension to you???  Hell no…. this just sucks us right back into the 3rd dimensional energy where power games and ego reigns free. So how do we deal with this in a more graceful manner?

Firstly – take a look at where you have given up your person power and how.  Is there a gentle way that you can stand in your truth and reclaim it?  If not – perhaps you need to move out of the situation that causes this.  It may be a partner, or boss.  Would you want to remain in a toxic environment where you are not acknowledged and honoured for what you bring to the table. So many people (especially in South Africa) accept less, just for the safety and security of having a job and getting a pay cheque.  Many times it is fear that keeps you trapped and immobilised.

Now I am not suggesting that you leave the country to get away from the issues – because if you have not found a new way of responding and handling the situation – you will attract the same where-ever you go.  It may not be lack of electricity – but in some other way you will find your power being compromised.

In colour therapy the colour of the solar plexus is yellow and like with all the colours – there are 2 aspects to the colour.  The negative aspect is fear, stress, powerlessness, confusion, inflated ego or lack of self worth.  On the flip side of the same colour however is joy, excitement, self confidence and reclaiming your personal power. And to add icing to this cake (analogy) – one of the images that represent the colour yellow – is the light bulb moment of inspiration and insight. So my suggestion to you is to focus on these positive aspects. What can you do to invite more of those yummy qualities into your life right now?  What can you do to make sure you are not stripped of all your power.

When we all keep focused on the collapse of eskom and no way forward – our higher selves think this is what we want – because we are giving it so much attention. Our higher selves respond only to what we are focussing on – and then it invites more of that energy towards us – because (again) that is what we are asking for.  So stop right now.  Stop talking about it, obsessing about it and expecting the next powercut.  Watch your thoughts, words and actions.  Being on a spiritual path does not mean that life is always easy – BUT it depends on how you respond to things that shows whether we are still stuck in 3rd, or can just watch the story without getting emotionally hooked (5th dimensional).  Instead – simply let go and trust that there is a higher plan here – even if we cant see it right now.  And then put into place anything that will make life easier during the outages.

There are rechargeable globes that will shine brightly for about 2 hours after a power cut.  Glow in the dark paint for your flower pots – which could be a fun family exercise.  Cook your dinner on a braai and sit around the fire.  For me – I have a UPS which I bought 10 years ago. It is a box with 2 truck batteries in it – which charges when you have electricity and automatically kicks in when the power is down.  It is far kinder on the environement than a generator (and is quiet too).  It has been a life-saver because I can still function.  My wifi, telephone and computer can be connected to it.  I have a lamp and my tv is linked…. so the only thing I cannot do is cook or boil a kettle – and that is manageable.  So my life has been relatively uninteruppted.  I try not to listen to people rant and rave as it is so easy to get sucked into the hopelessness of our future.  Instead I know with every fibre of my being – that when I am fully anchored in the 5th dimension – issues like this will not be in my reality.

The situation as is, has forced us to verbally communicate with each other.  To spend more family time, playing games, chatting and re-connecting.  Spend time outdoors with your children and animals,  smell the roses, enjoy the feel of the grass under your feet and get back to nature.  That is the way to nurture yourself through this.  Finding light within the darkness can change everything.

And … when the lights do go out.  Make it exciting, romantic, fun and let go with grace…

Until next time, wishing you lightness in all areas of your life

Penni du Plessis – www.divinespace.co.za