Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

Over the past few months I have been chatting to you about the 12 different dimensional aspects of ourselves, and it feels like the time is right now to begin elaborating on this.

In the 3rd dimensional reality, we had so many different issues to work through, and most of us often got locked and stuck in the lessons we had chosen.  In order to speed things up however, we chose to split into many different aspects of ourselves –  and each aspect of us chose a different issue, lifestyle, country and situation to work through, all in the same time/space.

I believe that we are all born around the same day and time (depending on the time zones of course).  We all look similar (how often have you been told that you have a twin?), and we are all on the same page spiritually.  We have all chosen the same goals and are working towards the same ultimate understanding, but from different perspectives.

A reminder of the analogy I used before about a maypole with different coloured ribbons.  The pole itself represents the 12th Dimensional over-lighting soul – which is always connected to source.  And the 11 ribbons represent the 11 different YOU’s playing in different realities.

Each ribbon is a different colour and represents a different existence, race, culture, town or country etc.  Because of that the lessons we go through, the body types and even the illnesses or diseases we attract will be specific for each.

If you have a health issue – it may be an individual issue picked up from your lifestyle and situation, a collective choice, or even a bleed through from one of your other dimensional selves that is finding it difficult to handle the dis-ease.

As we are integrating the 5th dimension more and more, so the walls between us are dissolving and the spirit seeds that we are, are able to connect with the other dimensional aspects of ourselves – to support each other in our lessons and even offer healing.

I am so excited to be developing something new and truly special. I have called this modality: COLLECTIVE MATRIX CALIBRATION, and in this process I assist the client to connect with the other dimensional aspects consciously.  Getting a sense of who they are, where and how they live and the lessons they have either mastered or are still struggling with.  The next step is to invite the wisdom they have garnered into our own reality – as they may have a new and different perspective to things that we are struggling to overcome, and visa versa.  This includes offering healing support to each other on all levels – emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical.

So many people search outside of themselves for answers, but what if we have all the tools within our own framework.  No-one else can know our path, and what we have chosen to master.  So lets play within our own matrix.  Inviting wholeness, integration and calibration until we can truly align with all aspects of ourselves.  Does this excite you as much as it does for me???

I will be spending time over the holidays integrating and grounding more of the downloads I have received that will make this process even more powerful.  What are your plans for the holidays?  I wish you all deep peace, perfect health and an invitation for abundance in all areas of your life.  Drop your barriers to allow the receiving, and go with the flow – with no expectations or judgments.

Until 2019…. with colourful blessings