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Are you ready Ready for Change….   and to Transform Your Life

Have you ever wished or asked for something to change in your life? A relationship, a health issue, your money flows? Yet, no matter how hard you tried, you didn’t see the change you somehow knew was possible?
Well, what if one day could change your whole life? What if creating new possibilities and happiness was easy once you had the right toolbox to change things?
I’d love to invite you at a 1 day workshop I’ll be facilitating soon on something called Access Bars.
What is Access Bars?
‘The Bars’ is a touch point therapy that quiets the mind, brings us back  into balance and creates ease, peace and a sense of well-being similar to a massage or meditation, except so much more.
What’s class like?
One day.  A ton of tools.  Choose what works for you.  Receive 2 sessions of bars.  Give 2 sessions. Get a manual full of questions, techniques and a whole new toolbox of change.  Breathe.  Relax.  Get Clarity.  Be empowered to change anything!
What are the benefits of having your Bars ‘run’?
●  FUN, PEACE, JOY & EASE in every aspect of your life
●  people or situations that once ‘drove you nuts’ no longer bother you or cause problems
●  release stress, anxiety, and depression (depression vanishes for many after just 1 session)
●  An easier time for kids and adults in SOCIAL, ACADEMIC and EMOTIONAL situations
In this class, you will learn:
●  Tools and techniques to create change in whatever area of your life you are looking for
●  How to ‘run’ bars; you will receive two Bars® sessions AND gift 2 sessions.
No prerequisites are required – just the willingness to learn something new. After you complete the class you will be qualified to give Access Bars® to others which may include your family, friends and/or clients
What is it you’ve always known should be possible but have never been able to find?
Let’s explore what else is truly possible!


During the BARS class you will be coached by Penni – a Licensed Access Bars facilitator.


Class Information

Saturday 9th March 2024
Day:  9:00AM  –  6:30PM
Divine Space, 28 Francois Avenue, Bordeaux, Johannesburg


R5 450,00 
R1500 deposit is required on booking and reserves your space.
If you have attended this class before – you will be able to attend again at half price.  Please let us know that it is a repeat class, and who your facilitator was.
When accompanying a full paying adult, children 15 and under get the class for free.  Youths 16 -17 years old pay half price. Booking forms must be submitted for each child too, please – and include their date of birth.



Penni du Plessis has been practicing and teaching this modality since 2012.  She is highly experienced and does multiple Access Consciousness courses every year.  She is kind, supportive and has a great sense of humour.

There is lovely self catering place within 2 km from me – in Willow Wild. Contact Lila on 083 625 6416.
African Greys airbnb – self catering – is about 4kms away – 23 Chester Road, Bryanston Contact Laura 083 703 6872  or book here:


If they are full, please google Air B&B’s in the Bordeaux south, Blairgowrie, Hurlingham, Willow Wild or Craighall areas – which surround us.  (Avoid Bordeaux north)