Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy


Hi Dearest Teacher and Friend,WOW!! which I think stands for Women of Wisdom!!!! You are like God’s prism to me, Penni, reflecting the beautiful colours he showered us with for all of us to revel in. You know me and the authority rebel that I am, but since the first time I went on one of your courses, I knew that with this one I can walk the mile. I have always trusted you in so many ways, and thank you for all the loving kindness and wonderful work you have done through the years. It is great to know that I am part of such a wonderful maybe I should say colourful family of divine beings on earth this time. I am honoured to have you as my teacher.With much love and biiigggg hug


Antaneea Technique Massage

Absolute Bliss: The ultimate indulgence. This gentle, loving and nurturing massage pampers the body and acknowledges the soul. Working only on the back of the body using 13 coloured oils, sound vibrations and energy healing, you are left feeling safe and supported on all levels. It unlocks your hidden potential by releasing the old baggage. An absolute must if you are ready to transform your life. 1 1/2 – 2 hours.

Access Body Processes:

Over 56 different healing / balancing options available. Would you like to experience more of YOU? Or do you have an issue that you would like support with? This could be health related, restoring the body after surgery, being comfortable in your body? trauma related and so much more. This is a gentle hands on process (no massage) – that speaks directly to the cells in your body.

Access Bars Treatment : Defrag and refresh your brain

This one hour therapy creates a complete clearing and refreshing of the brain. The therapist will gently hold 32 different points on the head. Each point relates to a different thought and belief that has been stored over your entire existence. By running the ‘Bars’ – you change your considerations related to those issues. The points include: your relationship to money, creativity, joy and sadness, hopes and dreams, healing, control plus many more.

Colour Reading

Allow the therapist to guide you through understanding yourself and your life lessons from a deeper perspective. These readings bring insight and understanding into the lessons you have chosen and your divine potential that is waiting for you. It is a collaborative counseling session with tools to assist you in shifting the hurdles so that you are more receptive to moving forward. 1 hour. When booking your session please state which therapy you are booking for, as not all therapists offer all the options.