Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

Positive Attributes:

You are attracted to this colour because you are vibrant and fun-loving, taking time to enjoy every moment of life. You are self-confident and optimistic, always looking towards the positive. You may have the ability to sense the feelings and emotions in others – especially in your sensitive solar plexus area. You have a thirst for knowledge, for expanding your mind and for discovering new horizons. You are strong and courageous. This oil brings a purposeful awareness that promotes a positive outcome.


You may be highly stressed and make no time to enjoy life. You have to make time to find balance in your life, and to remember to have fun. You lack confidence and, because of this, you push yourself too hard in order to validate who you are through your achievements. You thirst for acknowledgement from others so you can believe in yourself. You sometimes feel overcome with fear and confusion.
Your need to succeed drives you into learning, doing courses or studying as you never feel as if you are good enough. Your biggest lesson is to love yourself exactly as you are. While you beat yourself up, you attract others who confirm that you are not good enough. Change this dynamic by focusing on and projecting your positive attributes so that you can create this new mirror in your relationships. This oil brings courage, where you know your prayers are answered even if you can’t see the evidence yet.

(Remember the challenges can be turned into positive attributes by using the oil)

Which product to use?

There are 3 possible paths you can choose to find wholeness. This depends on where you are at, and which resonates the most with you.



Light Matrix oil – Yellow

This oil is excellent for easing nerves, fear, confusion and stress.
It builds self confidence and re-connects you with your power.
It stimulates the intellect and helps with concentration – use while studying or writing exams.
Brings mental clarity if you are confused or indecisive.
Use if there are issues with weight (anorexia or obesity) – as that indicates a rejection of self. Corrects imbalances in the solar plexus – which affects the stomach, nerves or skin ailments. This oil weaves a web of confident support around your solar plexus. It helps you to step into your own power and sense of ‘I AM-ness’
It invites joy and exuberance for life, and helps you to find balance.
It helps you to let go of anything that you are carrying – that is not yours. It restores the magnetic flow within the body, dissolving blockages and re-activating the flow of energy.


Rub it around the solar plexus twice a day – or use at least 10 pumps in the bath.  For support while studying – rub it on your face.

Angel of Enlightenment – Yellow Angel spray

This essence brings clarity, illumination and laughter.
It uplifts, and clarifies, releasing past numbness.
If feeling vulnerable it encourages strength and positive resolutions.
It awakens the mind and is excellent for focus & concentration.
Use while studying to organize the mind, and when writing exams to calm the stress and fear.
Spray it around the body regularly during the day – the effects last for 2 – 3 hours



Oil of Illumination – Archangel Jophiel

This is the Archangel of wisdom and Illumination. He brings in the qualities of: enlightenment, understanding, wisdom, perception and health.
He illuminates the highest path for each individual while releasing negativity. His energy is friendly, positive, light, uplifting and joyful.
His intervention assists you in turning stressful, worrying situations around so that they are supportive.
Use of this oil brings in truth and understanding while surrounding you with beauty.
Use it daily – anywhere on the body or in your bath.