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Light Matrix – Yellow Light Oil


The Yellow Light oil weaves a web of confidence around your solar plexus. It helps you to step into your own power. It invites joy and exuberance for life, and helps you to find balance. It restores the magnetic flow within the body, dissolving blockages and re-activates the flow of energy. Excellent to use while studying and writing exams.  It helps you to retain the information, and eases the fear and stress when writing.

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Light Matrix – Yellow Light Oil

This light oil is bliss in a bottle – sunshine and soul energy poured into glass.  It restores the magnetic flow within the body, dissolves blockages and re-activates the flow of energy.  It helps one to find balance, your own power and a sense of I AM.     

Use it twice a day either rubbed anywhere on the body or as a bath oil.

Light Matrix – Yellow Light Oil contains plant, nut, herb and flower oils, crystal energy and sacred geometry. It is made in a sacred, loving process. The shelf life is 6 – 8 months once opened. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Light Matrix Oils

Works to build the light body.

Energises your soul consciousness, a lot like switching the vibration switch to ‘active’ in terms of soul.  Imagine sitting in a massage chair on a low setting. Now switch that setting to a higher, faster vibration, it wakes the muscles of the body up, agitates and gets things moving at the same time as being deeply healing and nourishing. These oils have a similar action in that they agitate the point of contact between the light body and the soul body – speeding vibrations up and breaking down density.

Use where there has been a depletion or weakening of spiritual life force energy, shock or trauma to the spirit.

Strengthens the energy of the light body.

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