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This Collective Pause

This collective pause has been a time to take stock of our lives. We have been given the time to be aware of how much toxicity we had been living with and feeding into the planet.  How many of us had wished we could have a few months sabbatical and now this is exactly what we have been given.  Time out from our hectic schedules where we were continually on a fast track treadmill and were completely exhausted.  How much nurturing were you receiving and how much time did you have to nurture and enjoy your family? How much of your life was fun for you?

Everyone is talking about how nothing will be the same again, and yet we don’t know what that will mean for us in the future.  Maybe the best thing we can do is to acknowledge that everything we have experienced and done up to now has been sacred and has given us the tools to move forward in a new way.