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To my guardian Angel Penni.
How the oils, sprays and oils have changed myself, my kids and my life.

17 January 2013 I used the: Red oil of transformation and Angel of Illumination spray.

I have had growths in my abdomen that have had cancer cells.
My attitude and myself emotionally was in a very bad way, the pain l had every day.

I started using the Red oil and the white spray, my partner and I have had huge problems with one another,
In a matter of 2 weeks the pain was easier and my attitude towards my health was improving.
In the relationship, we tolerated each other a lot better.

My children have not being in a good space. My youngest son who is 6 years old started grade 1- it was a huge change for him as he was going to a new school and his older brother was going to high school. He was so bad that he would run after the car and would scream for me, the teachers would hold him till I could leave the school. It was the hardest time for him and the fear that he had was so bad he would not want to go to bed.

On the 27 February l was given the gift of the following products: Green oil of Transformation, a yellow oil, archangel Raphael Oil, the Angelic wings of Love spray and the Blue oil of Transformation.

I started using the archangel Raphael to help with the healing and abundance issues. l have been very low with my life and financial burden has being so bad, the strain on my partner and myself has not been great as we cannot even talk to each other. l wanted a new life.

The pink spray l used every day morning and night, the green l used on my heart, the yellow on my tummy, things between my partner and I changed and we actually talk, amongst other things.

My youngest son started using the yellow for his fear and in 3 days he stopped running after me, a week later he allowed me to leave him and walk away, 2 weeks later he allows me to leave him without a teacher being there.  What is really interesting is that he started rubbing the Archangel Raphael oil on his right wrist, and 3 days later l fell and broke my right hand very badly.

I still have to look for my Archangel oil all the time, he still keeps it with him and some nights it is under his pillow.
The blue has helped me with the pain and Archangel Raphael has answered all that l wanted.

For the greatest news, l have been asking for my life to improve financially as well as a better life for my kids.
My partner has been offered a job in Zambia with a huge salary, plus they will pay my salary for me stay home, pay for a house, electricity, and private schooling for my kids and l get to choose what l want to do.

My thoughts have gone to how much fun l will have and how l have to start doing the colour treatments , so Penni know that you will be by us soon, to do lots of courses and l will be re-doing mine so l can do treatments that side.

The oils have changed my life, my kids and partner 360 degrees in less than 2 months.

The biggest surprise is the fact that my partner and l are not married, and with all these changes we may have to get married, which is a huge thing for him and me.

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you to the angels for the support and their help, even with the huge surprises, and most of all thank you to you Penni for the amazing oils, sprays and archangels, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lots of thanks and love