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Choosing your way forward

This year has certainly invited change in so many different ways.  We are being given the opportunity of following the herd like sheep being led to the slaughter (and it actually feels like this when you listen to all the doom and gloom out there), or you can emerge from this hiatus like a butterfly emerges from its cocoon.  Fully awakened into the 5th dimension in its perfect magnificence.

Should you choose the latter, your first step is to spend the time in quiet contemplation.  No more news and social media which just sucks you into the collective unconscious.  Instead first give your mind and body the rest it craves, and then…. start being creative with how you would like your life to be in the future.

Follow only the paths that excite and delight you and then research how you can begin setting this in motion.  Which courses would you need to take, can you start them online now? How can you market yourself or your offerings – there are many online platforms that can help you with this.

If you need support and guidance I offer telephonic sessions and would love to help you.
I have also started doing short video clips to inspire you and give you focus – please join my Facebook pages to see these.  I have 2 pages – either Penni du Plessis,  or Divine Space Colour therapy training academy.

I would also love to share the musings of my dear friend and fellow rainbow angel in France (she distributes my products there).

Until next time, colourful blessings always


Dear Friends of the Rainbow,

Suspended in time, at home, I am thinking of each one of you during this period of confinement.

When I think of the significance of the year 2020, I like to think of the shape of the number 2: we can see a person on their knees, their head bowed, humbly receiving a teaching. The number appears twice, so we will receive this teaching twice.

This teaching brings a new beginning, a new solidarity, a new consciousness of the preciousness of our life, and of our planet. Our society is one of conquest and action, in constant movement where accomplishment is our primary goal.

Now we are stopped in our tracks, and this allows us, and certainly forces us into a time of reflection. In this waiting period without an end date, we have the opportunity to come back to ourselves without many distractions. Our common humanity, our common mortality, our common fragility, this ephemeral human life in common.

This ‘Corona’ virus is really about our “couronne” which in French which means crown: an opening to the spiritual dimension of our being. Violet (the colour of the crown chakra)  is completely about transformation, about transmutation, that lifts us higher, that helps us to distance ourselves from the ordinary dimension of life where we are often bogged down by ordinary duties and chores.
During this time of reflection at home, I encourage you to meditate, to pray, to complete the mourning for the painful experiences of your past. The past experiences of our families like the plague, the epidemics of cholera, and the Spanish flu, remain in our collective memory, the fear of our ancestors from other times in history are surfacing, and today we need to digest these old memories in order to transmute and transform them.

The image of a chrysalis, of a caterpillar in the process of transforming its body inside the silky cocoon, is appropriate in these circumstances.
The violet colour helps us to burn all that is negative. Its a purification, an elevation in order to reconnect with our soul, and our most beautiful qualities. Let us find the most pure and harmonious aspects of our soul, so that we may live in communion with the angels, and in peace and harmony with each other.

We could also ask the question, who wears the crown in my life? What do we consider to be sacred, to be important? Without any doubt, we are being asked to question purely materialistic values.

The Archangel who is present to help us at this time is Metatron: situated in Kether, the crown in the Tree of Life, he brings great support as we cross from one shore to the other. Metatron can help us to keep an eye on the light while we are still in the tunnel. He is the lighthouse in the darkness of fear and scary thoughts. Metatron is present to support and elevate humanity, call on him and ask for his help during this crossing.

In every great test of our life, there is an opportunity. Let us grab this opportunity to move towards the spiritual sacred aspects of life, to leave behind the ordinary horizontal time of yesterday-today-tomorrow to launch ourselves into the vertical spiral path that leads to our Crown, an orientation beyond time, to the dimension of our soul and eternal life.
Rainbow blessings,