Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

A Computer – Really?

Did you know that all the experiences we go through in life have been stored in this wonderful multi leveled computer called the BODY.  And this amazing tool we have created operates according to the programs we have stored in it.  Our responses to everything in life are governed by this.  The reason for this is that we choose certain experiences in life in order to learn and to grow.  This usually happens on a subconscious level and we are not consciously aware of them, which makes life so much more complicated.

What gets Stored and How

An example of this is could be seen if we feel that we have been rejected in any way as a child. Often it is not the case, but is simply our immature way of perceiving the experience.  For instance; if at a very young age your parents went on holiday without you. If you felt abandoned by them, you may then hold abandonment or rejection issues in your cells and create relationships that fail or even set up a body that you reject, thereby rejecting yourself.  The repetitive pattern is simply your soul pointing out the unfinished business that needs to be remembered and addressed.

Our Soul is amazing and constantly gives us opportunities to heal past issues. The lessons don’t have to be hectic, as long as you notice the signs and have the courage to work through them.  Not just ignoring them as you continue with your stressful lives, burying the lessons.  The more you ignore them, the stronger and harder the lessons until you eventually get the message.

How to Change

Now because we are also such creative beings, there are many, many layers to this phenomenon.  Who knows why we have chosen to look as we do, or to have the physical ailments we do, I certainly don’t have all the answers, as our reasons are all unique.  All I know is that it is time we stopped being so hard on ourselves.  Think twice next time you criticize or reject yourself.  Take responsibility for this amazing creation, is exactly as YOU made it.  When you learn to love and accept yourself – you will receive love and acceptance from others.

If we are so powerful that we could create this living machine of note, then surely we can just as powerfully change it?  Sure, absolutely, in theory…..  The trick here is to remember why we created it the way we did.  How is it supporting us in our healing and growth, what secrets and mysteries are hidden beneath all those layers…..

Releasing Past Trauma

An amazing therapy called Antaneea Technique is one tool which helps you to uncover what it is we have stored and why.  During the gentle loving massage the experienced therapist is able to read the body to help the client unlock the memories of past unreleased trauma.  Almost like connecting the dots from our current experiences to the past stored stuff that instigated the cycle.

The body will only reveal what the person is ready and willing to deal with – never bringing up more than can be dealt with at any given time.

Colour Sequence

During this wonderfully relaxing therapy 12 different Light Matrix oils which reflect colour vibrations are used while the body is massaged 3 times in one treatment.  The first sequence of colours supports the physical body, the second resonates with the emotional body and the third connects with the higher self or spirit body.  Colour balances our physical reality and anything that is tangible in our lives – our body, homes, relationships and the outer reality.

Sound Harmonics

Once this process is complete sound vibrations are used to awaken the cells and bring light into the body.  Sound links to our inner work – our spiritual and emotional development.

The combination of colour and sound creates an amazing shift and realigns the person with their soul path.

Time to Let Go

This is not always a comfortable experience, as often we keep in our comfort zones because it is safe to be there.  However I have found that more and more people are no longer accepting lives that do not support them.  So if you are one of those and are ready to break out of the mould – try this new experience – you won’t regret it.

It will assist you in uncovering and letting go of all the old negative patterns we have hidden, so that you are more in control of your lives, your destiny and can reprogram this amazing body to do anything you like. Re-birthing a new you.

Taking Personal Responsibility

If you prefer to take personal responsibility for your healing, you can do this by using the wonderfully supportive and amazingly  ‘Light Matrix Oils’ as they have balancing and healing properties.  They are natural, not tested on animals and have no synthetic preservatives.  They are made with a combination of plant and nut oils, essential oils, crystals, sound waves, colour and positive loving vibrations.  Use them as bath oils or rub them on the body twice a day and watch the magic happen.

There are 13 oils, and it is preferable to choose your oil by the colour you are attracted to, as these indicate an area in your life that could use support.  Each colour has its own healing aspect.

Space and Aura Clearing

The range of Angel Sprays called ‘Angels of Transformation’ are especially divine.  Each one has between 10-20 essential oil inclusions and they are very powerful for space clearing.  Spray them around yourself or the room to help dispel any negativity.  You will know when they are needed as your mood or energy levels begin to take a downward spiral.   These sprays bring the light back in again very quickly, restoring balance and harmony.

What Age will the Support

Used to boost your own energy while clearing the space around you, these sprays together with the combination of the oils, create a power pack of note, and you will be amazed at the responses from both adults and children.

The products can be used from birth and for all ages.  They work hand in hand with allopathic medicine; while traditional medicine helps to heal the symptoms of illness, the oils assist us in getting to the root, healing the emotional cause behind the dis-ease.

Therapist Training

Penni offers therapist training in the Antaneea treatment as well as the Magic of Colour once a year (usually early in the year).  If you would like to assist others in this deeply supportive way, please join us, there are no pre-requisites.