Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy


Explore Your Soul’s Journey Through This Unique Colour Workshop – 1 Day Course

This exciting day helps us build our love and understanding of our fellow human angels. Guiding them in uncovering their reasons for the lessons they have chosen in life. 
This workshop covers the sacred Time Lines across the 7 chakras, as well as the alignment of the Kundalini.  Each time the Kundalini raises its consciousness it moves in different phases.  The first phase is chakras 1 – 7.   7 major life lessons we work with.  These relate to the 7 chakra colours, as we know them . 
But what if we chose different ways of expression?  What if you chose blue in the base chakra instead of red …. perhaps that means that the way you will be supported and energised, would be through the voice…  During this day we will uncover what your own original unique colours were.  This links to your blueprint, and using that sequence of colours on the body awakens the memory and allows your cells to sigh with relief, as they acknowledge the truth of who you are. 
This level of the training takes you on a soul’s journey which brings insight into your soul’s blueprint, bringing conscious awareness of your patterns through many lifetimes, and increases the ability to make clear choices.
Once we have unlocked our soul colours, we will gently annoint or massage them onto the body, to remind the cells of their initial choice.
Deeply awesome stuff and I look forward to sharing it with you.


  • Mindfulness – Cultivate conscious awareness of your life’s twists and turns through guided soul work.
  • Creative expression – Express your inner life artistically, finding unique ways to view your journey.
  • Life clarity – Gain insights into your life to make clearer, more intentional choices going forward.
  • Personal empowerment – Feel empowered by uncovering and embracing your unique path and essence.
  • Connection – Strengthen your connection to yourself and others by understanding your deeper needs and expressions.

Booking is essential. 

Class Information:

14th September 2024
9:00AM – 5:30PM
Divine Space, 28 Francois Avenue, Bordeaux, Johannesburg
R1 700.00
A R700.00 deposit secures your space on this course.  Teas, cakes and a yummy vegetarian lunch will be provided
If you are coming from out of town and looking for a place to stay,  here are some options:
There is lovely place within 2 km from me – in Willow Wild. Contact Lila on 083 625 6416.
African Greys airbnb is about 4kms away – 23 Chester Road, Bryanston Contact Laura 083 703 6872 – or book here:  airbnb.com/h/africangreysunit1
If they are full, please google Air B&B’s in the Bordeaux south, Blairgowrie, Hurlingham, Willow Wild or Craighall areas – which surround us.  (Avoid Bordeaux north)



Q: Is this workshop worth my time?

A: Absolutely! One day transforms clarity in self-discovery and decision making.

Q: Will I really notice any changes?

A: Yes, participants experience profound emotional healing and new spiritual growth.

Q: Is the drawing technique complicated?

A: Not at all! It’s simple and easy for anyone to follow.

Q: How does this help with decision making?

A: It provides conscious awareness, leading to clearer, more informed decision making.