Colour Therapy and Access Bars & Body Process Training Academy

Corporate wellness

More and more companies are finding that the productivity of their staff improves if they are well looked after.

In this endeavor regular wellness days are becoming extremely popular. This offers the staff an environment where they can find support, guidance and have an opportunity to talk to someone about their problems in a safe non judgmental way.

In our continued effort to support and enlighten we are able to offer the following in the corporate environment:


Stress in the work-place is not only a result of the pressure of work, it is often the result of people’s deep beliefs about themselves. The stress that most of us deal with is stored in the body along with emotional issues. It may manifest in physical symptoms like an aching neck or shoulder, back pain and headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, and a variety of other stress-related ailments.

The part of the body where the pain tends to recur can be an indicator of what emotions that person needs to face and deal with. Should these emotions and stresses be ignored for a long time, the person may eventually experience some form of burnout, illness and/ or depression. This ultimately affects productivity.

There is a simple way of identifying the stress areas in the body and this can be done through the person’s attraction or aversion to specific colours. This fun, informative workshop teaches you about the amazing healing properties of colour and how you can use the ‘Oils of Transformation’ to help you cope in any situation.

  • Learn about COLOUR and which coloured oils can support you in your life.
  • Use colour to help identify your strengths and weaknesses with tools to assist you in overcoming and balancing the weak areas.
  • How to cope with stress and fear while building self confidence
  • Which colour can be used to improve communication skills
  • If surrounded by negativity and aggression – there are specific colours and products that can calm this and bring in more receptive loving vibes.
  • Are you drained and constantly struggling with energy in the workplace?
  • Do you struggle to focus and battle with insomnia as you cannot switch off your analytical mind – which colour helps here?
  • Colours to wear to assist you in either calming or bringing out specific personality traits.
  • How colour can assist you in managing time more effectively

Penni du Plessis is available to run these fun, insightful and inspirational mini workshops in the Gauteng area.

This is a light hearted, interactive couple of hours which brings invaluable information that can be used to enhance and assist you in managing your life.


  • UBS
  • Hollard Insurance
  • BMW
  • Radio Highveld
  • SA Breweries